Anonymous Chemistry Bloggers

Here is the inside scoop on the strange and weird world of anonymous chemistry blogging. So, I first noticed anonymous chemistry blogging from The given reason for anonymity, “Well, I’m not giving away my identity for fear of reprisals.” Although, from what I’ve seen of his blog it looks reasonably “clean”. At any rate I’ve figured out who he really is and will share his identity with my small limited audience. His name is **u* *****r**, that’s my hint and you’ll just have to figure out the rest yourself if you are so inclined. Wink

An other anonymous chemistry blogger can be found at Molecule of the Day, This one did a much better job of protecting their identity. But, he or she did mention to me that they may attend the ACS conference this fall in SF. If they do attend, you can count on me to try to get a photo to share with all of you.

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