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Added a totally cool Chat feature to the website. Just look at the embedded chat client to your right. I’ll try to leave it on for the break so you can try it out and talk to me. Let me know what you think!!!

If you want to synch up with the chemicalforums chat client on your site, here is the embed tags:



height=500 width=155 wmode="transparent"/>

Note1: I’m using the tc.swf since it blends better with my colors, the stock beta will use incircles.swf
Note2: The room address should all be contained in this part of the code: c=99611f782aab2a2889ecf427821fbc52
Note3: You can download your own copy for your blogs from this link:


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  1. I am seeking chemical manufacturers who produce either zinc phopshate or manganese phopshate concentrates so i may purchase them in quantities of 25 gallons up to 50 gallon quantities. Can anyone tell me the chemical manufacturers where i can obtain these and purchasing them through distributors of retail companies.

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