ACS Executive Compensations for 2006

ACS released the salaries of their top executives last week, and if you didn’t think non-profit work was profitable think again.

Officers Total Compensation + Contributions +
+ Expense Accounts 

Madeline Jacobs
Flint Lewis
(General Counsel)
Brian Bernstein
Top Execs. Total Compensation + Contributions +
+ Expense Accounts 

Robert Massie
Robert Bovenschulte
(President-Publications Division)
Brian Crawford
(Vice President-Publications Division)
James Bryne
(Retired President-Centcom)
Peter Roche
(Vice President-Finance CAS)

A show stopper in the report is the $168,350 Bonus Madeline Jacobs received which is ~31% of her base wage! Whether she actually did the work of 1.3 CEOs is not my decision, but this judgment seems rather exorbitant and is roughly three times what her AAAS counterpart makes.

An other interesting feature of the report is the $43,015 dollars we all paid for Brian Crawford to relocate. This corresponds to roughly 14% his base wage or 1.7 months of salary.

To see the report, follow the directions conveniently provided by C&EN

To access the information, please have your ACS membership number handy and follow these instructions: Go to In the upper right-hand corner, log in. If you are already a registered user, enter your user name and password. If you’re a new user, follow the link and register (a process that requires your ACS membership number and takes less than a minute). Once you have logged in, you will see a link titled “Member Information.” Click on this link, go to the heading “Your Organization” at the bottom of the screen, and click on the link titled “Access the Compensation of ACS Officers and Key Employees.” You will immediately go to the introductory text; the Form 990 is available by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page titled “2006 Compensation Schedules.”

The file isn’t their IRS form 990, but a 2-page condensation. Their actual 2003 form 990 was 200 odd pages.

The funniest part of the file is the introduction where is says…

In evaluating the information contained on the following pages, please keep in mind that ACS is a large and complex organization.

Which either indicates that they think the compensation is rather high too, or at least that we will probably not understand why the staff at a non-profit chemistry club gets paid out millions. At least they got that one right.

Link to C&EN instructions: Executive Compensation Information Available



  1. Nice chemistry blog. I am also a blogger on chemical and process.


  2. Can I get an extra ~250 bucks if I did the work of 1.3 undergraduates next month? Somehow I don’t think so…and I’m the cheap labor.

  3. Is Bombay Sapphire a sufficient mode of payment?


  4. mitch- if you’re the beloved (to me, anyway) mayor of las vegas Oscar Goodman, yes.

  5. when will we see the 2007 salaries?

  6. What has taken you chemists so long to see what is wrong with the ACS? In the middle-to-late 90s I corresponded with editor Madeline Jacobs to learn why my letter-to-the -editor was not published, and she responded with classic liberal elitism. I accused her of being a refugee from the housecleaning that occurred in Congressional staffing when Newt Gingrich became speaker. I then resigned from the ACS as I could see it becoming a mouthpiece supporting radical environmentalism. It is gratifying to see you guys and gals are finally taking notice how the parasite left feeds off the productive right.

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