Metalloids, acids, pencils and pens — AP Chem Rap

Hello hello, awesome readers of the Chemistry Blog. My name is Noel, and I’ve been on the Make-Mitch-Finish-His-PhD task force at LBL since August 2007. After being a loyal reader of the site, it finally came time for me to make my first blog post. For your entertainment, here we present the AP Chem rap by The Kemistry Kidz.

Not so bad for high schoolers, eh? After watching this one too many time in lab, Mitch and I decided that it’s important to share joy and another reason to procrastinate with the rest of you lovely readers. Cheers!


P.S. If I give you the mole, can you find the mass?


  1. “Redox is pretty basic” –Classic.


  2. TIGHT and SWEET….That was GREAT…Hope you COPYRIGHT IT…

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