10 Things Young Graduate Students Need to Know

I noticed this little editorial seemed to be getting a lot of bookmarks at connotea, Ten Simple Rules for Graduate Students. It has some apt advice. Although most senior grad students would of learned those lessons the hard way, I would still recommend reading it. It also has links to other relevant papers like: Ten simple rules for getting published, Ten simple rules for getting grants, Ten simple rules for reviewers, Ten simple rules for a successful collaboration.

On the note of connotea, you can view the latest 25 bookmarked papers on connotea by clicking here: Latest Connotea Entries The php script will evolve into its own self-sustaining website with its own domain name and all that fluff, so don’t get too use to that url. The script also spits out how many people have bookmarked a paper in the recent 25 list. The eventual goal is to see which papers are ‘hot’ for the day, the week, or month based on connotea users.



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