C&EN Starts Bloging

C&EN have started their own science blog. In recent years it has been common place for C&EN to blog while at the ACS conference or on a special assignment. A link to the blog is here: http://cenblog.org/





  1. Where are all the swear words?

  2. Just keeping it dull today.

  3. I tried to leave a comment and it looks like they want you to set up an account. I think that’ll get them off to a really bad start which is a shame. I’ve made the point by email to them and if others think this is a good point perhaps this is a good time to reinforce it. I did not explicitly ask for swear words (I don’t know any) but perhaps we should appoint Kyle as swearer emeritus…

  4. Hey Mitch, Happy April Fool’s Day!

  5. I actually got my research group pretty well. I sent out an email saying the video of my professor accidentally lighting himself on fire (true story) was placed on youtube and than pointed it to a rick roll. To my actual surprise most of them didn’t get the joke. :/


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