Mitch on TV

Tune in to cheer on for our beloved blogger, Mitch, for his television debut this weekend. He will be featured on American Latino TV as an outstanding member of the cultural community. In this interview, he will be talking about how he chose the path as a nuclear chemist, and his aspiration to educate today’s youth on chemistry using the internet.

A complete listing of available channel can be found on this page:


  1. Go Mitch! Congrats on the recognition of all your work. You are truly inspiring.

  2. Congratulations! It’s rare enough a scientist gets to be on TV.

  3. Thanks guys, these things actually get me rather embarrassed, but all your support is appreciated.

  4. I hope someone’s going to Youtube the segment so those of us on the other side of the Atlantic get to see the big TV star in action 😉


  5. It’s a great segment. but Posting it on You tubing would be a violation of copyright laws and our distribution contracts.

    However we will put it up online at in a few weeks and let you know. It has to run a couple of times on TV first, so be sure and watch if you can.

    Thanks for the support and hope you guys enjoy the segment.
    Robert Rose
    Executive Producer

  6. Alpha-Omega says:

    Congatulations….on GOING NATIONWIDE!!!! One of my favorite shows…watch it every weekedn…WOO HOO…You have ARRIVED!!!!!

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