European Chemistry Commercials

This video was recently mentioned at the C&EN blog: Chemistry As A Party. The video feels overtly corny, but those wacky Europeans can have a strange taste in humor. 😉 Anyways, have a look for yourself.

Chemistry Can Be Fun

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Video Commissioned by: Marie Curie Actions



  1. The awesome music in this video is Fledermaus Can’t Get Enough by Von Sudenfed, from their album Tromatic Reflexxions.

    Von Sudenfed is Mark E. Smith from The Fall, with Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars.

  2. It was pretty funny… while being informative.

    Music sucked big time so the first comment was irritating, because not only i heard it… but now i know the morons group that produced it.

  3. That was great! Except the diatomics were running around all by their lonesome!

  4. No future scientist would EVER be created from this garbage.
    Science turns children on because of natural curiosity, because of elegant reasoning etc. ( Chemistry also because of the power to influence nature.)

    In the USA, my generation–the children of the 1950’s–were turned on to science by “Mr Wizard”. That show was all about science. The next generation–which was far less generative of scientists, was given Bill Noyes–who taught science to song and dance and comedy skits.

    Clearly, the non-scientists who created Bill Noyes’ shows, and the morons who wrote this video, find SCIENCE BORING, and they just can’t understand that some children ( aka the future scientists) actually find SCIENCE itself interesting.

    Ding in Sich.

  5. Morover, the kind of kid who becomes a scientist would this sort of garbage video distracting and moronic.

    It would be a turnoff, and they would cringe–and then run off to the library, or their home lab.

    • acctuay Penny, this is just a bit of light hearted fun its not ment to be educational

      i would like to add that what turns young people away from science is alot of things such as it being perceived as irrelevant to them, and that they see people like you who says they can like science or have a bit of fun not both.

      the sketch was funny not particularly serious dont for a second think its going to turn children away from science

  6. I found this video funny… perhaps because I am from Europe having a strange taste of humor.

  7. I thought it was cute.
    Wonder how effective hanging out with actual scientists would be in getting kids interested? We’re not all geeky white men in lab coats. Pretty much all of the most fun people I know are in science. 🙂

  8. I’m from Europe. I’m also a physics undergrad. This is brilliant. Would have liked to see the H2O break down into H+ and -OH though ☺

  9. I’m from Mars. I also find this funny.

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  12. I work in STEM at a community college and can tell you for a fact that some of the scientists I know were originally interested in science because of the way that Bill’s show approached. If you approach a child who has typically a lower level of understanding and a basic instinctual reaction to what they like (children are stimulated by specific tones of voice, songs, repetitive and certain colors) with something in flat tone, muted colors, and monotones then you’ll fail in the basic stimulation it takes to attract and keep their attention. There are a vast majority of experiments that have been preformed specifically to determine why children like certain things and what that causes them to like in the long term throughout the course of their lives.
    Also the issue with the lower enrollment and production of scientists and science specific areas of study is due to many things, the increase in the need for these areas is partially responsible. The numbers have increased in enrollment but the available programs have, also previously just twenty years ago technology wasn’t as big as it is now, as many people weren’t going to college, and the ones who are now going are getting a number of business degrees, education degrees, and numerous other programs of study that are expanding and being created each fiscal year by schools. There is an national movement within the US to increase enrollment in the different Science fields but more importantly is to increase the number of instructor in the K-12 system who know what they are teaching and are qualified to teach it. Research has shown that partially responsible for the lack of increase in numbers in the science fields is do to a lack of qualified professionals introducing these kids to these areas in a meaningful, relevant, and fun manner in their earliest years and staying constant with them throughout the course of the child’s educational experience.

  13. This was a hilarious commercial. I really liked how they used the fat guy for comedic value.

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