News from the NanoPutians

Besides having a strange taste in humour, we wacky Europeans are also a bit crazy. Soccer-crazy.

In less than two weeks, the European Football Championship is starting. On this occasion, I would like to present the first bis(alkinylplatinum(II))-based fullerene receptor (1). A fullerene, such as C60 (2) is readily recognised by this box-shaped metal complex. The association reaction can be accelerated by arylacetylene 3, which contains two hydroxylamine functionalities that serve as a catalytic dyad.

NanoPlayer playing NanoSoccer

(I know this is silly, but I rather like to draw nanoputians…)


  1. Awesome, nanoputian soccer! Don’t give Tour anymore ideas or he’ll turn it into an other paper.

    I’m actually shocked you called it soccer.

    • I want to make sure it’s unambiguous ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Besides, you might also imagine American NanoFootball.

      • I don’t remember seeing any football shaped fullerenes, closest thing I can remember is the bucky egg (DOI: 10.1021/ja063636k).

  2. Cute!

    The one time I work at a synthetic lab, I’m not allowed to take ANY electronic device in. No picture of pretty crystals ๐Ÿ™

    “By football, we obviously mean soccer” – Berkeley history professor with a British accent.

  3. Am i watching d soccer or sitting inside the chemistry class?
    Hahah , awesome

    Soccer Drills

  4. I think what the nanoputian soccer itยดs wonderful because the chemistry
    is very difficult

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