Wanted (the movie)

So I know that this doesn’t qualify as a chemistry post, but it’s still pretty darn cool.

Earlier today, Mitch scored some free pre-screening tickets for a movie called Wanted with Angelina Jolie in it.  There was some white guy in it too, as the main character, but I didn’t really know or care who he was.  In fact, I had no idea what the movie was about until we went and saw it.  When Mitch told me that Angelina Jolie was in it, I accepted the invitation.

So he got the tickets through Techcrunch, a blog that focuses on reviewing new tech. products (mostly internet products) and companies.  It was a first come first serve sort of contest and Mitch happened to log onto their website just it was posted.  He got two tickets, and we drove out to the Metreon theater San Francisco.

We get there and get in line, and find out that there are about 250-300 ppl coming to see this prescreening.  Many people got their tickets through techcrunch, allowing us that always sweet line cut since they had a separate ticket check system.  The Myspace ppl, on the other hand, were stuck in line, cursing us as we went past.  I think I forgot to mention that the event was cosponsored by techcrunch and Myspace.

Seeing a movie in a prescreening is pretty darn cool.  It was kinda like going to see a movie at the opening show.  The whole crowd gets into it and sort of participates in the movie.  Apparently there is a sort of “movie prescreen” subculture as evidenced by the fact that many of the movie goers knew each other from other prescreens and were discussing the latest events; some bemoaning their inability to secure Wally prescreen tickets.

Anyways, the movie itself was really freaking cool.  It is a super action, fast-paced thriller i guess with some cheese, cool music, and a light attitude.  It wasn’t all serious, which would have totally ruined the movie.  Both Mitch and I were amazed to find ourselves actually liking the movie a lot, and I see it becoming a total guy movie-night classic.

Also cool, was that I came home and watched the daily show only to find James McAvoy (the name of the main character) as the guest.  Apparently he has heavy scottish accent that.  During the movie though, I had no idea that he wasn’t American.  I guess he is a pretty good actor.

So yeah, that’s my movie pitch.  After seeing one of the most entertaining, if not really interesting, movies I have seen in a looong time, I had to go and blabber about it.  Another bonus was of course seeing Angelina Jolie looking oh-so gorgeous again.

Heh, and I saw a lot of other ppl blogging or talking about blogging about it, so I had to add my two cents.



  1. My personal favorite bit of the Daily Show yesterday was when Stephen Colbert complained about how the Cookie Monster ruined his couch because they forgot to prepare milk.

    Judging from what you and Mitch liked from the past, it’s not surprising that you enjoyed wanted. My initial thought is that “you can’t just put a scrawny Scottish dude and Angelina Jolie in a physics-defying movie and make it magically better.” But now I’m curious. Maybe I should go see it with the other interns.

    MAZ! It feels like I haven’t seen you for a loooong time. And it has been a long time. Come visit and we’ll go raid wineries!

  2. You are quite right, Wanted is an excellent movie that I would gladly pay to see. I also saw it as a pre-screening though it was sponsored by a local Radio station here in the Valley of the Sun. Apparently the Dj is from the Bay Area and goes by the name of Strawberry.

    Anyway, the subculture thing is right on. Some of our friends are part of it and they get to see all the movies before it actually comes out. When/If they have extra passes, I get to see some. The only drawback is that you need to be there extra early because they overbook the theater.

    Back to Wanted, people who say its a Matrix rip-off don’t know what they’re talking about. See it, you’ll be entertained…even if you end up hating it.

  3. Yeah, noel it has been a while since ‘those two brown kids kidnapped that asian girl and stole the truck to go to mexico’.

    Seriously though, i wanna go wine tasting out there! You are the responsible one; organize a date and stuff for us to come visit you.

  4. that very intersting!

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