Introducing ChemFeeds your Graphical Abstracts Portal

Decided to make a new website, ChemFeeds, where you can view pretty graphical chemical abstracts from various sources like JACS, Angewandte, JOCS, OrgLett, and a whole host of others. It even has the Angewandte punsCBC, vis-à-vis OCB.

Feel free to roam around at the website, link is here:

Feedback and suggestions on how to make the website better and more useful for you, would be great.

Update 1: Permanent link can now be found in the top right header of this website. Which is an extension of the concept and scripts introduced here: Full Frontal JACS


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  1. Wow, that’s a great idea! A couple of suggestions I have: (1) There should be some signal/titling that states which journal’s graphical abstracts you are viewing . . . this would be particularly helpful for the first page, as you don’t know until fooling around for a bit that it is the JACS page by default; (2) Date of ASAP posting (and perhaps author names too?) should be listed; alternatively, the user could switch between a “short” and “long” view, perhaps where the long view abstract occupies an entire line on it’s own, including graphic, title, date, and author(s).

    Anyway, I’m commenting too much. I like it and will use the site often. Thanks!!


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