The Nano Song – Chemical Edutainment Done Right

So ACS has the Nanotation contest right now trying to find the most entertaining way to explain the concept of Nano. These people from Berkeley have done an amazing job*, so Mitch, I want you to hook up a brotha (me) with these people. I showed it to my niece and she memorized the song today and said:

boyie’s cute five year old niece: “i’m going to teach my teacher about nanotechnology!”

I present to y’all, the Nano Song.

* chemistry-blog does not officially endorse the video for the nano contest (unless Mitch deems it so), but boyie sure does love the nanosong.


  1. In responding to using nanotubes to construct a space elevator the Booger Monster says, “That’s not possible”.

    Instant classic.

  2. it’s Booger Monster, isnt it?

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