Edible Solar Cells?

I got a heads-up from Blake Farrow about turning donuts and tea into solar cells. They do a good job balancing goofiness with fun and satire. Enjoy the youtube video.

*We at Chemistry Blog fully support the development of nuclear energy and not the sad destruction of our powdered donut resources.

They also supplied an abriged version for the nanotation video contest: Nanotechnology Brings Us Delicious New Solar Cells

Our previous ACS Nano Contest coverage: The Nano Song



  1. Jennifer A. says:

    Great job, awesome video, I luv it!! 😉 -Jenn A.

  2. I hate to say it, but I am pretty sure Homer would disapprove of using donuts for anything other than his eating.

  3. That’s AWESOME!!! didn’t realize titania was in donut powder, though it isn’t surprising.
    (but there’s no R in anthocyanin)

  4. Chemoptoplex says:

    I think anthrocyanin is an old-timey term for anthocyanin glycosides, but I could be wrong. I did some work with anthocyanins as an undergrad and we called them anthocyanins no matter what was stuck to them. However, I’m pretty sure that they flashed the structure of taxol when they were talking about anth(r?)ocyanins.

    Still, neat video. Could be a spiffy science fair type project for anyone with younger siblings. Found a website on how to home brew your own conductive glass (new window).

  5. so my friends are going to present this at their group meeting. they work on DSSCs (dye sensitized solar cells)

    thanks mitch!

  6. Fantastic. It’s especially neat because TiO2 should be available bulk as well, so the next step would be to buy that and make more and larger cells.

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