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Apr 22

Microgrippers. Because Scalpels are so 20th Century

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The Gracias‘ microgripper video is now on Metacafe for those that have never seen it. The video shows a microgripper sliding down a test tube and grabbing a sample of cow tissue. The device is thermally triggered to close, and is magnetically driven. The video is shown below, there is no sound.

Tetherless Microgrippers Grabs Tissue Sample

Link to paper for those interested: Tetherless thermobiochemically actuated microgrippers

A digested version of this research was written up by Lewis Brindley for the RSC Chemistry World: Micro-machines get a grip



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  1. Phil

    Somehow this makes me think of nasty little animals that want to eat my flesh.

    1. Mitch

      om nom nom nom

  2. Carmen

    That headline makes me think of Micromachines toy cars. (Whatever happened to the fast-talking guy who was in their ads?)

    1. Mitch

      He did Family Guy a couple weeks ago:

  3. John Spevacek

    I hope you realize that scalpels are hardly used at all anymore. They are used to cut the skin, but after that, electric scalpels are used. They cauterize as they go.

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