Angewandte is kind of famous (or infamous) for the puns in the graphical abstract subheadings. I came across this one:

Kaim, Hosmane, Záliscaron, Maguire and Lipscomb, ACIE, Early View: To “B” or not to “B”,

which is about average for an ACIE pun. Fair enough. Further down the page there was this one:

Winchester, Whitby and Shaffer, ACIE, Early View: To Bi or not to Bi.

Seriously, are we running out of puns?


  1. I tried doing puns using the ChemFeeds abstracts, butI don’t think anyone “got them”. So I took it down.

  2. Another one in the same issue is

    “Gone up in frames”

    It is funnier if you see that the authors are all Chinese.

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