The Periodic Table Song! Memorize them all and win the Nobel Prize!

There was a post on another blog that talked about the elements. It seems the same thing is going on in Japan. There’s an anime called Element Hunters where a bunch of kids have to find the various elements for some reason. I really havent watched beyond the first episode, but it’s actually quite amusing and it teaches chemistry! Really, it TEACHES chemistry in a way little kids can understand it. So.. I give you the closing song (it’s in Japanese with subtitles, but when they give you the elements to memorize, you’ll know the words then). As the series progresses, there are more elements so if you put all the songs together, you’ll know the entire periodic table!

Element Hunters Closing 1

Edit: Various other topics they talk about in the upcoming episodes.. superconductivity, carbon nanotubes, Bose-Einstein condensates, magnetism, paramagnetism, and superfluidity with Helium II. I’m serious, this is a kid’s show. I am in love.


  1. This is the most bizarre thing I have seen today. And I live on Reddit so that’s really something.

  2. Cool post!

    I blogged about a couple of elements related songs recently.

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