n-doped: a semiconductor anthem

I don’t know if anyone has posted this video before, but it’s worth reposting for those who haven’t seen it.

This YouTube video is a song based on the Justin Timberlake hit “Lovestoned/I think she knows”.[1] As the title suggested, it’s a full 5:25 song about n-doped semiconductors. If you are familiar with this particular JT album like I am, you would probably be extra amuse that this guy got every line of his version to rhyme exactly like the original. Anyway, enjoy the sexy tune, while I return to the frantic world of first year grad students.[2]


[1] You can find the original here. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a great song from a great album.

[2] I’m picking a group in 3 weeks! Life is INSANE right now.


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  3. I watched it last year, but now I cannot see it anymore since Youtube says: ‘This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your country’
    Does anyone have another link, I think this really sucks that I cannot watch it anymore, I kind of liked the song.

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