Milk? Sugar? Sodium azide?

458px-Sodium_azide According to a number of sources (including the Boston Herald and the New York Times), 6 people were sickened by drinking coffee laced with sodium azide at a lab at Harvard Medical School. Holy cow!

The press reports mention that (one of?) the victims feels that this wasn’t an accident. I think it’s interesting that one person passed out, but others reported low blood pressure and dizziness. My understanding of sodium azide is that it can be lethal, so it must have been a relatively low dose. (Thank God for small favors, huh?)

I don’t really know what to say about this, other than you have to be kind of a twisted individual to think this is a good solution to any sort of interpersonal problem you might be having.

(Credit for photo from Wikimedia.)

UPDATE: Changed a few words here and there for clarity.


  1. Someone at Harvard medical has a bone to pick. 😉

  2. Yeah, I saw that on the news this morning. Not a good month for lab incidents, is it?

    Interestingly, this MSDS says to induce vomiting immediately, and this MSDS says not to induce vomiting.

    I typically trust JT Baker’s MSDSs, but its interesting to see blatantly different first aid measures for the same chemical.

  3. haaaaa!
    the word in the picture is 叠氮钠?

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