Smart companies do smart things: Materia has a blog

So it’s not like anyone NEEDS encouragement to think about using olefin metathesis in their chemistry, but in case you wanted to talk to real experts, Materia (the company founded by Grubbs et al. to commercialize metathesis) has recently opened a blog called All Things Metathesis.

It’s got some literature reviews and stuff, but most helpful for chemists is the best practices category, where they explore how to plan your metathesis reactions and how best to purify them. So very 2003 to say this, but blogging is a great medium for businesses to communicate with their customers. This is a really nice example. They have comments, so you can even talk to metathesis experts!

So how long before there’s an Ask Dr. Metathesis column, where frustrated grad students write in with their late-night isomerization angst?

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  1. Dear Dr. Metathesis,

    I am having difficulties with my 109th generation Ruthenium catalyst I recently purchased…

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