Chemistry YouTube Videos

  • Hitler Tries To Learn Organic Chemistry. A funny chemical take on an old meme.
  • An other awesome video from the Periodic Table of Videos guys, this time for chlorine. I’ve always enjoyed their informative and entertaining videos. However, I will have to lightheartedly take Pete Licence to task. Pete says at ~1:15, “Chlorine wants an other electron to get that noble gas configuration and it will move heaven and Earth to get that electron.” But, chlorine gas already has a filled octet and that is the chemical used in the experiment. It probably isn’t the best idea to infer a discussion from the electron affinity for a single chlorine atom in the gas-phase and use it as a simplification, with a smile and a wink, when explaining the reactivity of chlorine gas.
  • Paulina Mason thought you guys might like her attempt at singing the Periodic Table.

    I study at Carleton University in Canada. The video shows a very cool way how our chemistry professor encouraged memorizing all 117 elements of the periodic table. We had to make up a melody, and sing them in front of 500 people class, for an extra mark. That was hilarious:)



  1. There are two review sessions… AND I HAVE LAB DURING BOTH SCHEDULED TIMES!!!!!

    I don’t know why but that was SO funny.

  2. that hitler video is absolutely brilliant! Who did it? We have to get them on the blogging staff.

  3. This is the best chem youtube video. Epic.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Mitch!! You rock! The Hitler one is my absolute favorite. I can’t stop laughing. I’m saving it for bad days 🙂

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