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Not much today. I saw this earlier and remembered having one of these moments back in G-chem that made me want to break the stupid buret. Actually, that happened on the last day of the semester, during checkout, after I washed it and was walking to the stockroom to return it. I forgot how long the damn thing was, and as I was walked out of the lab the door closed on it, cleaving it in two.

Why was this necessary for us learn in lab? Would have been much more useful to teach us how to make an electronic one instead.



  1. In fact, the third, forth, and fifth fingers should hold the other side of the stopcock site…

    Still bloody funny!

  2. Ha! I totally did that one, followed by the moment in which I prayed that it would turn clear again.

  3. I think many chemists might have experienced the same thing atleast once in their lifetime….

  4. Cathy Sander says:

    Yep, count me in! I did a titration for my prac exam, and I had to keep checking that my fingers ‘remember’ the direction to turn the burette knob shut.

  5. oh so very accurate! man that is so bad when it happens but so damn funny to watch when it happens to a student you are tutoring.

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