Funny Flasks

During a recent group clean up, I came across these gems drying in an oven.  No one knew where they’d come from or how we obtained them:



Looks like the glass blower just capped some broken-off joints to make tiny flasks.  Although, I gotta say, if you’re going to do chemistry on that small of scale, why not just grab a 1 dram vial?

Merry Christmas, all!  Safe travels and well wishes in the new year 🙂


  1. Maybe because they still wanted to use the standard taper joints?

  2. I love the one in the middle. That seems to be the most unuseful flask ever.

  3. cute! is it possible they were used as caps for male joints?

  4. They look like normal ground glass caps to me. Useful for sealing one end of a schlenk frit without using another bulky flask.

  5. Dood beat me to it, those look like our Schlenk line caps.

  6. Schlenk link caps sounds plausible, thanks for clearing that up. We obviously don’t do a lot of schlenk line work in our labs… Heck, we hardly reach into the glove box anymore 🙂

    Still super cute flasks. I thought about putting colored solutions in them and hanging them as my mini string of Christmas lights in my hood.

  7. Agreed, if you look at them as micro-flasks they are actually quite cute. =)

  8. structure_factor says:

    Of course, these are caps for male joints! In standard Schlenk techniques they are used to cover small joints on the side of the vessel usually used for easy isolation of the reaction product.

  9. favorite in my lab: tiny 3 necked 15 mL flask with 3 24/40 joints. The tubing leading from the joints to the flask is so wide in diameter, the “flask” is only discernible as being a slight blister at the junction of the 3 tubes.

    Until I looked close, I just thought it was a really odd 3way adapter…

  10. They are Schlenk line caps.

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