Gaint Machine Creates Science: The Onion on LHC

In case you are still wondering what exactly the LHC does and why it’s important, this infographics from America’s Finest News Source sums it up pretty nicely:

While you marvel at the beautiful illustrations, I will duck back to my cave and try to finish my last (and very very painful) semester of coursework. Hope everyone had a great time at ACS! The weather here in the midwest is so good that it almost feels like San Francisco.




  1. Sorry to be a pain in the a&& but I humbly think that this scheme illustres the principle of tokamak reactor and not a particle collider per se such as the LHC.

    While a tokamak is expected to generate energy the LHC aims at discovering new particles.

  2. Oops–sorry if that’s the case. Although with a few modifications, I think it would fit it just about any paper I can write. 🙂

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