Chemical Safety Board Produces Safety Video For Teenagers

The chemical safety board is the federal government agency charged with investigating industrial chemical accidents. So I was surprised to see them release a youtube video aimed at high school students earlier this week. Apparently, high school students have been getting themselves killed by going to abandoned oil production sites and exploding low grade crude oil filled tanks. In the past 27 years 36 teenagers and 6 young adults have died at these sites.

The video is shown through the eyes of friends and family of two recently deceased teenagers.

Press Release: CSB Releases Video “No Place to Hang Out” Focusing on Deaths of Teenagers in Oil Site Explosions

Update 1: Apparently also covered by CENtral Science – Exploding oil storage sites are “No Place To Hangout”




  1. The death toll keeps increasing from these events. Today a 24 yeal old died.

    The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office has identified the woman who died at the scene of an oil tank explosion on County Road 111 in New London as 24-year-old Melissa Helsel. The other victim, 24-year-old Joseph Crisp, was airlifted from the scene to the LSU Medical Center. His condition is unknown.

    Both Crisp and Helsel were thrown 150 to 180 feet from the site of the explosion, where they were found as firefighters fought the blaze . The investigation is continuing.

  2. The oil site explosion was very dangerous and it takes 2 lives of teenagers. One was the girl who is died and the boy is in critical condition…

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