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Jun 04

Science as Art

by azmanam | Categories: chemical education, fun, general chemistry | (19007 Views)

Princeton University’s Art of Science contest has produced a gallery of pretty spectacular images of science in action.

This is the fourth Art of Science competition hosted by Princeton University. The 2010 competition drew more than 115 submissions from 20 departments. The exhibit includes work by undergraduates, faculty, research staff, graduate students, and alumni.

The 45 works chosen for the 2010 Art of Science exhibition represent this year’s theme of “energy” which we interpret in the broadest sense. These extraordinary images are not art for art’s sake. Rather, they were produced during the course of scientific research. Entries were chosen for their aesthetic excellence as well as scientific or technical interest.

Interestingly, first second and third prize were determined according to the golden ratio, with first prize earning $250, second prize earning $154.51, and third prize earning $95.49.

Be sure to check out all the images, many of them are quite striking.  Clicking on the images gives a caption explaining what you’re looking at.


  1. Chemjobber

    Great. Now we’re REALLY going to get a reputation. ;-)

  2. medchem

    amazing images, my fav “Peptide in my Pocket”
    …real art of science!!!

  3. J-bone

    Cool stuff! I also looked into MacMillan’s asymmetric trifluoromethylation because of one entry, THAT is some cool methodology!

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