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Sep 10

Chemical Contests

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I’ve been asked to drop a reminder about C&EN Photo Contest. The contest offers hard cash for pics of your science. On an aside, if you also happen to be photogenic I would suggest you put some science action shots of yourself in their Flickr collection; a perennial complaint from C&EN is that they need more pictures of people doing science. C&EN Flickr group

Science-artsy flickr group abound as RSC also has their own too, Art on a Chip. They sadly only have 4 members compared to C&EN 52 members.


An other competitive extracurricular activity to partake in is crafting graphical abstract puns. There is a new website TOC ROFL dedicated to highlighting the creative abstracts of chemical authors.

I’ve decided to jump on the funny-abstract bandwagon too. If you come up with a witty pun or see an interesting graphical abstract at ChemFeeds leave a comment on the paper and your comment will immediately be featured in the upper right hand corner of Chemistry Blog under “LATEST FUNNY CHEMISTRY”. Have fun and be creative.



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  1. Ivor Biggun

    You really need to have a look at the definition of a pun. You are failing hard so far. And most of them are not that punny.

  2. mitch

    I admit I’m not good at punning, feel free to raise the bar.

  3. Pablo

    “a perennial complaint from C&EN is that they need more pictures of people doing science.”

    Why don’t they just do like everyone else does – pay for licensed photos.

  4. chemical sam

    I’m not very good at puns. My dad is the king of puns. Literally anything you say he comes out with a pun at times its really annoying.

    like if you say that you were accidentally trying to talk to a deaf person on the train he will always return with “What?” And like an Idiot I will always repeat it.

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