Chemistry Dictionary for Word Processors – Version 3.0

**Get V3.0 here.**

Version 3.0 is here! User-Submissions! OO.o Extension!

Since releasing Version 2.0 of the Chemistry Dictionary in December 2008, we have had a user-submission form on this blog. If there were words missing from Version 2.0 of the Chemistry Dictionary, users could submit the suggested word and the words would be held in limbo until I got around to updating to Version 3.0.

Well, 2 years later, I finally got around to it. I emptied out the limbo file and went through each submission. Some were gibberish. Some were words that were legitimately misspelled, and thus of course not in the dictionary. Some appeared to be foreign or alternative spellings, and were also dismissed. The surviving words were added into the dictionary file to populate Version 3.0.

Also, I finally found a coherent walk-through on how to turn the dictionary file into a Dictionary Extension for Writer Versions 3.0 and higher. This was a big concern when 2.0 was launched. Version 2.0 had a workaround method of using the dictionary file in OO.o, but I couldn’t find a simple and easy way to make and submit a Dictionary Extension, so that project got shelved.

As I was sifting through the Limbo List, I found a forum with user-friendly instructions to make a Dictionary Extension. So, you open source users, you may now download the Chemistry Dictionary Extension from the main repository of Dictionary Extensions here. Even though it hasn’t officially been released until now, it’s already been downloaded almost 300 times according to the OO.o website (as of 1/19/11).

There is an install.txt file in the zip file which spells out how to install the dictionary for new users. It also includes update instructions for users wanting to upgrade from Version 2.0.

Also, a special note to Mac users. If you use iWork, you’ll have to install a separate version of the dictionary. See Update #1 below for information on using the chemistry dictionary with iWork. Unfortunately, the iWork files are still Version 2.0 and have not been updated to Version 3.0.
Update (1/29/11): the iWork file and installation instructions have been incorporated into the standard download. All word processors should be able to install the dictionary file from one download.

Enjoy Version 3.0!!!

(this post has been reformatted to preserve links to the dictionary file from other sources. We’ve also created a convenient, shortened url for the dictionary:

Read the original December, 2008, post and download the dictionary file here


  1. WOW, this is kick ass. You just made my day!

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  3. THANK YOU! I saw it on Sciencebase before I saw it here and I am very VERY grateful. Bravo!

  4. Thank you very much for your hard work.

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