Skillful writing of an awful research paper

Apparently, laboratory instructors and undergraduate mentors aren’t the only ones with the bane of reading insanely terrible research papers – the editor of the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry, Royce Murray, clearly has had his fill as well, according to his editorial in the current ASAPs.

His humor is very similar to that found in The Onion, and reminded me of How to Write a Scientific Paper on Improbable Research.

Brilliant. The only thing that has made me laugh out loud this hard lately was catching a part of the show ‘Ancient Aliens’ on the History Channel last night in which someone said that “one possible explanation of why the Mayans vanished was because they were aliens.”

In all seriousness, though, it is an understatement to say it’s quite obvious that scientific writing isn’t emphasized as well as it should be, it should be addressed at the undergraduate level as early as possible.

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