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May 23

Racial Epithet from the Clifford Kubiak Group

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The website of Clifford Kubiak from UCSD had a page in poor taste taken down recently. The website listed the lab rules to follow while working in the Kubiak group. Most of the rules are written in a tongue-in-cheek fashion covering basic safety awareness. However, Lab Rule #3 stands out. The image of the offending website is shown below, and implies that the word of Chinese colleagues should not be trusted.

A statement today by Suresh Subramani (Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs) and Mark Thiemens (Dean, Division of Physical Sciences) at UCSD is below.

On behalf of President Mark Yudof, Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, and the UC San Diego community we are truly disappointed by the insensitive and offensive language that appeared on the website of Professor Clifford Kubiak.

This language does not conform to our commitment to the UCSD Principles of Community. We have communicated today with Professor Kubiak who has ensured that the offending language has been removed and he will provide a formal, written apology. This apology will be posted on Professor Kubiak’s website. Further, we have asked the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) to review the matter. Please accept our sincere apologies on behalf of the University

I find it unlikely that Kubiak himself made the rules, it was probably the work of a grad student with no class. However, the text says rule #3 has been demoted, implying that it was an active topic discussed within the group. We’ll probably never know what benign interpretation the real author had for rule #3, but it is unfortunate that this story will be associated with Kubiak. Hopefully Kubiak’s folly will remind PIs to keep a more watchful eye on their webmasters.

Update 1: The San Diego Union Tribune has now picked up the story — UCSD closes website over slur (May 23rd)

Update 2: Text from the apology issued by Clifford Kubiak is below. (May 24th)

Please accept my personal and sincere apologies for the insensitive language recently found on my laboratory’s website. I find the language offensive and I am embarrassed by the poor judgment exhibited in posting the offending language. Although I was unaware of the existence of this page until it was brought to my attention, I accept full responsibility. I have taken steps to remove the offending language and will arrange for appropriate training for my research group and me relative to the UCSD Principles of Community.

Clifford Kubiak
Professor,Chemistry & Biochemistry



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  1. Simon

    Well, again… after the UCLA one.

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like an inside joke gone bad. I’ve heard plenty of stuff that was equally/more racist than this between friends. The problem is that strangers don’t understand the context, so posting this in a public place without context is very, very stupid. Reminds me of something I heard on the radio several years ago; a white guy called in to ask Ice-T why black people got mad when he and his white friends called each other the N-word when they just meant it as a joke.

  3. Honclbrif

    Also, Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.

  4. polyene

    Atleast Chinaman was capitalized.

  5. Hythlodaeus

    This is stupid. As usual, UCSD completely overreacts to any little complaint of racism, no matter how insubstantial. That whole ‘lab rules’ list is just a bunch of jokes, probably inside jokes like Anon said above. What if I like disney music? Should I file a complaint saying my right to listen to the music of my choosing has been violated? No.
    No harm was intended by using the word ‘chinaman’. Stop being such a sensitive child.

  6. enahs

    Free speech = right to make an ass of ones self.
    I also think people get offended to easily.

    I personally feel that not being allowed to make fun of someone because of race is very racists; while making fun of someones race is not necessarily racists.

    Besides, in my lab we had a “Chinaman” fit a trend line with 1 data point…..

  7. deflepard

    What a racist.

  8. Joe

    One Asian reader reported that, (in his/her own words)

    This professor is aware that this term is offensive to Asian Americans, and he issued a private apology after several organization told him, yet he still choose not to remove it from his website. What do you make of that.

  9. Mike

    UCSD should fire this racist and liar.

  10. marsh

    The only thing offensive chemists might find in my new youtube folk song about lab safety, The HAZCOM Song, is my actual singing (-;

  11. Andy

    This is an outrageous racism action by an educator in a decent public university supported by tax-payers. The professor should not use the public resource (website, computers, networks) to launch personal racial attacks. Please use your brain a bit: if that public page contained “Don’t believe anything the N-word says,” everyone knows the severe consequence. Just plainly saying “Don’t believe anything the (American, African-American, Chinese, Jews ..) says” publicly is stupid and deserves severe penalty to correct the insane from sliding over the cliff.

  12. Andy

    To Marsh,

    Whatever in your youtube is irrelevant here. Your action is very personal. Youtube might delete it but on Youtube’s will. Anybody got offended can file a complaint to youtube. That is very simple.

    In this case, however, this is on the webpage of a public university. Education, man, do you understand? What kind of students will be produced from this lab, this department, and this university? It is public racial attacks to a huge community of over one billion population.

    The apology from Prof. Kubiak is empty and he pushes away any responsibility by claiming unawareness (an evident lie). Again, please use your brain, if not retarded, a lab director is unaware of a set of lab rules for over two years on his own lab pages. I tend to believe they discussed the lab rules internally and assumed nothing would happen even if put on the public webpage. That reveals a racist’s stupid arrogance and ignorance too.

  13. David Tilly

    Come on…It was meant to be funny! And it did make me laugh. Chinaman could have been replaced by Indianman, or Frenchman, or Oklahoma man… French fries/freedom fries: it shocked nobody.
    People make a big deal about nothing: this is so ridiculous. So much puritanism about nothing at all. This polemic is ridiculous.
    Kubiak lab members are great people. Give them a break.

  14. Stewie Griffin

    Is it ironic that you seem so offended by the use of “Chinaman” but you have no problem using the word “retarded” as a derogatory term?

  15. mitch

    @David Tilly: This story wasn’t meant as a contrived piece against Kubiak or his group members. Before I wrote it, I was being told something truly racist was happening over at the Kubiak website, which no one could verify as the website was taken down. Through painful investigation and reconstruction I was able to obtain an accurate screen shot of the offending website, and present the story to the chemical community for their evaluation. That everyone can now see the whole story, I think is far better for Kubiak than the imagination of Rumor and Innuendo.

  16. Anonymous

    Are you guys helping Kubiak, or humiliating his IQ? These two apology letters have confirmed that this is not a funny joke but serious issues. When UCSD administration and Kubiak, restlessly and promptly, make efforts to protect themselves, you guys are discussing a funny joke? Context, context, context, in the public (not including such blog forums)! This is not about an internal joke or a funny story. This is about the reputation of UCSD and reputation of a professor’s career! If your IQ is normal (like in this blog’s community), you should not think UCSD and Kubiak are making a big fuss out of nothing. They are smart enough to know this WILL cause tremendous damage to UCSD, only because of one faculty member’s misbehavior. I just cannot help laughing at you guys (pretend to be smarter than the dean, the department chair, and Kubiak). You definitely need more education. Kubiak has never made such a high impact in his education career until now. Voluntarily and for free, he is teaching a lesson to this country, to the never-so broad audience, that NOBODY should show racism on the public platform (e.g. public university or private university), regardless of whatever you think in your heart or internal groups. Tons of examples, UCLA, Harvard, Chicago, just to name a few.

  17. Ptarth

    I always find it tragic when people go on a crusade against things like this while ignoring the starving and homeless in their own neighborhoods. It says something about us as a people when we worry more about a webpage than a person.

  18. Clifford Kubiak

    I find the language offensive and I am embarrassed by the poor judgment exhibited in posting the offending language. “It is offensive and offending” period.

    Do any of you dare to do the same in the similar context (public webpage, “lab rules”)? Do any of you dare to do the same as I did to the public (Don’t believe anything the RACE says, you are free to change the C-word to any N-word, K-word, or whatever positive or negative word)? Don’t follow my “role model”. I have been sleepless and repented to UCSD sincerely. I just wish I didn’t do it and wish I could save my pants although I have lost my hats, my shirts, my shoes, and my belts. Believe it or not, don’t even give it a try. Otherwise, you will have to apologize to yourself, really sincerely to your deep heart.

    Clifford Kubiak
    Professor,Chemistry & Biochemistry

    ::From Mitch — The IP address for this comment resolves to Missouri and not UCSD. Taking that with the commenter’s lack of basic English grammar, I will conclude this was not a comment submitted by Clifford Kubiak.::

  19. Clifford Kubiak

    That was meant to be a joke. Hope you guys feel it was funny. Have a good day!

    Clifford Kubiak
    Professor,Chemistry & Biochemistry
    (The fake one is less harmful than the real one, ironically)

  20. Clifford Kubiak

    Do any of you == Does any of you (either individual or group)
    (Is this the basic English grammar you are talking about?)

  21. Clifford Kubiak (Fake)

    Related work:

  22. Corrector

    To: David Tilly
    If you don’t know too much history, I forgive you. Please remember from today and on: Chinaman is not the same as “French man” or “San Diago man”. So, it’s not funny. OK, please go back to read, don’t be like a xxxxx.

  23. Michael

    Any racial profiling is strongly prohibited as stated by UCSD faculty code of conduct and university tolerance on this matter is zero. Kubiak’s fraudulent and pretentious apology is even doing worse to his academic career. Disciplinary sanction against him will be followed, otherwise, UCSD is potentially responsible for supporting racist’s conduct and promoting negative working environment in the school. This lawsuit will be rather expensive.

  24. Clifford Kubiak (WHITE)

    no Chinaman students in his lab group.

  25. UCSD Professor

    The only thing shameful here is the amount of vitriol directed toward Professor Kubiak by people intent on blowing a minor incident way out of proportion. Kubiak has better things to do than patrol every page on his group’s website. The appropriate course of action for him was to apologize, as the ultimate authority over the website content, and to remove the offending document. He’s done both things, and people should accept his apology and move on with their lives.

    Kubiak has several chinese students working in his group and none of them to my knowledge has indicate that Kubiak is even the slightest bit racist. He’s a dedicated researcher and educator and he has received shabby treatment by the Dean and Senior Vice Chancellor.

    How much potentially offensive text could one find on academic websites throughout the world? A great deal, for sure. Suppose the shoe were on the other foot and it were a high level Chinese researcher at Tsinghua or Fudan University whose group’s website contained a student-submitted document that included an inside joke which could be misinterpreted as a slur against Americans or some other ethnic group? Would we be calling for the professor’s removal? I certainly hope not! I’d give that professor the same benefit of the doubt that you all should be extending to Professor Kubiak.

    This episode has been overblown to an absurd degree. Time to get back to your everyday lives, folks.

  26. Bystander

    UCSD Professor,

    It is exactly the kind of “professors” like you who get UCSD into this mess. You also demonstrate to the world why UCSD still has a long way to go before full filling its mission. Let’s put aside the word “Chinaman” for a minute, what kind of education are you giving to your students when you tell them “Do not believe anything the xxx (Africans, Latinos, Whites, or Asians) say” in a PUBLIC university supported by TAXPAYERS who are Africans, Latinos, Whites and Asians? If you like tasteless jokes and anything else ABSURD, fine, post them on your personal website but DO SPARE THE RESOURCES WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE TRUSTS BY THE PUBLIC!

    I also call upon UCSD officials to do the right thing, REMOVE DR. KUBIAK from the educator position which he is clearly not suited for.

  27. UCSD Professor

    Bystander, get a life. Kubiak didn’t tell students any such thing, nor did he post the offending material on his web site. He’s responsible for the content of the web site, which means that as soon as anyone reports any inappropriate content then he must see to it that it is promptly removed, and that the offender(s) are suitably punished. Kubiak has done that, and has apologized for the incident. The student who posted the material is no longer at UCSD. That’s where this story should and will end. UCSD is not going to fire one of its highly productive educators and researchers over such a minor incident. Kubiak did not create or endorse the offending content. Again, would you call for the firing of a Chinese professor who found himself in the same situation? I would hope not.

    The only thing Kubiak is guilty of is this: he failed to check all the material on his group’s website. Professors with large research groups usually allow their students and postdocs to upload content to the site. The professors are busy enough with research and grant writing — in Kubiak’s case he was supporting several Chinese students in his own lab, who you apparently want to see devastated by having their research advisor fired. I’m sure Professor Kubiak will be more careful in the future.

    Now please go take your manufactured outrage elsewhere.

  28. USA Professor

    UCSD Professor,

    I trust that you got a PHD and did rigorous research before.

    >>> Kubiak didn’t tell students any such thing, nor did he post the offending material on his web site.

    Evidence? Proof? In your intangible mind?

    >> He’s responsible for the content of the web site, which means that as soon as anyone reports any inappropriate content then he must see to it that it is promptly removed, and that the offender(s) are suitably punished. Kubiak has done that, and has apologized for the incident. The student who posted the material is no longer at UCSD. That’s where this story should and will end.

    Profound damage to the Asian-American community has been made to the public, and to the public education systems over years (Kubiak is only a representative of thousands or millions). An empty apology and a scapegoat in nowhere are inadequate. If you are daring enough, please give it a try on your own lab webpage (Lab rules: Don’t believe anything the RACE says). BTW, please have a little more guts than Kubiak and change that word to N-word or K-word ( We are more than pleased to do free publicity for your world-class lab. I am pretty sure you will make yourself famous over the world in one night. This will indeed have more transformative impact than your current research for sure but in an infamous fashion.

    >> UCSD is not going to fire one of its highly productive educators and researchers over such a minor incident.

    Are you the president or chancellor of UCSD? Who gave you such authority to make such blatant judgement?

    >> Kubiak did not create or endorse the offending content.

    Evidence? Proof?

    >> Again, would you call for the firing of a Chinese professor who found himself in the same situation? I would hope not.

    We only believe in fact not imagination or ungrounded assumption.

    >> The only thing Kubiak is guilty of is this: he failed to check all the material on his group’s website.

    Again, who gave you such authority to judge it by your super-smart IQ?

    >> Professors with large research groups usually allow their students and postdocs to upload content to the site. The professors are busy enough with research and grant writing

    Evidence? Proof? Again, we only believe in fact.

    >> — in Kubiak’s case he was supporting several Chinese students in his own lab, who you apparently want to see devastated by having their research advisor fired.

    If that happens, I will feel sorry for them; they are very unlucky. But they are lucky enough to be rescued from the shame and will study in a more friendly education environment.

    >> I’m sure Professor Kubiak will be more careful in the future.

    I second this. But I cannot see through his heart and mind.

    >> Now please go take your manufactured outrage elsewhere.

    I second this. I am sympathetic with your efforts. Overall, I appreciate your inputs, which help educate broader community in a unique way. If you have more questions, I am glad to serve you during my office hours.

  29. mitch

    @UCSD Professor: Please don’t feed the mitbbs trolls.

  30. UCSD Professor

    USA Professor, you seem to be in the grip of hysteria. In this country, we operate under the presumption of innocence. Unless you can prove that Professor Kubiak was directly responsible for or explicitly approved of the offending text, you haven’t got anything on him other than a failure to review all the material on his group’s web page — something a large fraction of professors are guilty of worldwide.

    Kubiak has claimed that he had no knowledge of this particular item on his group’s web page. You are free to be skeptical of this claim, but please try to answer the following question. Which is more likely: (a) Kubiak established a “lab rule” that Chinese persons are not to be trusted and composed a text containing a racial slur for his own group’s web page, or (b) a member of his research group posted the offending text without Kubiak’s approval? Professor Kubiak has been teaching at UCSD for about 12 years, and before that he was at Purdue. Noone to my knowledge has brought forward any evidence which points to the slightest bit of racism in his past. He has several Chinese students working in his lab currently. (It is touching to note that you would “feel sorry for them” if they are forced to abandon their research and start over in grad school.)

    Having myself spoken with some of the people directly and indirectly involved in this incident, I’m quite satisfied that Kubiak is not guilty of any racist acts. He should be more careful with his group website. The university will probably make him and his entire lab waste their time with some bullshit sensitivity training when they could be doing more productive research. That will make our administrators feel as if they’ve accomplished something.

    Your your claims of “profound” damage to the Asian-American community are laughable. You are free to hold out hope that Kubiak will be more severely disciplined, but unless you or someone else can bring some actual evidence to bear proving that he is a racist, I’m afraid that you will be disappointed.

  31. David B. Collum

    Hey Folks:

    Just heard about this today. I read the lab rules, and clearly they were meant to be humorous. I am told that Chinaman is the nickname of a kid in the lab who happens to not be Chinese. (I am sure there is a story behind that one.) I haven’t a clue whether Cliff posted it, although <0.1% of tenured faculty know how to build a website. I do not even know whether he knew it was there. The important thing here is that I know Cliff at some limited level and have found him to be exceedingly reasonable and a very pleasant person. The comment, while clearly not ideal in retrospect, is drawing more fire than it is worth (by several orders of magnitude). On the one hand you want professors to be human yet have a cow when a little too much humanity leaks out. Ya gotta chose sometimes. I know a lot of jerks in this sport, but Cliff is not one of them.

    Hope this helps. This is one very human professor with all his own frailties signing off.


    I also authorize the webmaster to confirm my identity. A lot of vitriolic things get said under the cloak of anonymity.

  32. USA Professor

    To UCSD Professor,

    0. My only interest is to educate people who are arrogant, ignorant, and malicious (either intentionally or not) to the Asian-American community.

    1. Please feed hysteria to yourself and enjoy.
    2. Arrogance does no good to you and your career.
    3. If Kubiak is innocent, I wish him the best luck.
    4. Profound damage to historically-not-powerful minority is reflected from these well-educated people’s daily languages and behaviors (Kubiak made some contribution, not clear yet how much), including yours.
    5. I have no interest in whether Kubiak is fired or not, which is only important to Kubiak and his family/students, nobody else.
    6. I have no interest in UCSD

    Again, my only interest is to educate people who are arrogant, ignorant, and malicious (either intentionally or not) to the Asian-American community, and spread the words out to the broadest audience that we should treat each other with dignity and respect in this country built by immigrants from different races.

  33. bad wolf

    As Seinfeld put it, “I’m offended as a comedian!” This episode has been far more offensive in comments here than in original website. I’d like to thank UCSD Prof and Dr. Collum for being grown-ups here and making some effort to clear the poison of these trolls.

  34. USA Professor

    “When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth.”
    — George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)

    “Everything is funny as long as it is happening to Somebody Else.”
    — Will Rogers (1879 – 1935)

    People who are used to more privilege do not understand the pain happened on people with less privilege. The privileged may feel racial slurs are funny because they have been used to making fun of other victims. The occasional “luck” for these privileged people becoming such a victim might sound funny to many. (Sadly, sometimes, it happened to me as the first response. Ironically, I am not in the privileged class.) On the contrary, the underprivileged victims are used to such daily insult but too weak to correct it since it is assumed to be “common sense” by the privileged.

    When such racial slurs happen to educators and education systems, the underprivileged cannot tolerate it any more because of its potentially fundamental implication and long-term impact. In the meantime, looking at the same event, the privileged, who are used to these slurs and derogatory stereotype, feel challenged by used-to-be silent and humble minority and are puzzled by the “fuss” stirred by these “trivial” people. They simply do not understand what’s going on in their mind. In such a subtle manner, their mindset is eroded and they take for granted that what they think of such issues must be universally correct since they even showed some “unusual sympathy” to these minority and even blame Kubiak “unbiasedly”. Further, in their opinion, Kubiak and UCSD showed “inflated respect” to these “trivial” people.

    “What more do you want,” the privileged said.

    “We want nothing,” the underprivileged said, “but look at us and talk to us with respect in your heart not only in your tongue, as same as when you do to others in your privileged class.”

    If I have time, I will share a story with you. You guys definitely need more education. It is a tough task but worth my time and efforts.

    PS: Again, I do not know Kubiak and have no interest in him either. Unfortunately, Kubiak became a convenient placeholder/label for narration purpose.

  35. Bystander

    UCSD Professor,

    I do have a life. Same wish to you here.

    Let’s assume, just for a moment, that Dr. Kubiak did not PERSONALLY wrote or posted the “lab rules”, which in my opinion may well be the case in reality, don’t you think he at least endorsed it? Or at least gave his consent to it? How much truth was he telling when he claimed he was unaware of it until a few days ago, like most of us outsiders, even though it has been there IN HIS LAB for the past two years or so? I do believe assumption of innocence. But what Dr. Kubiak claimed was way beyond reasonable doubts.

  36. Bystander

    Bad Wolf,

    Were you referring yourself “the poison of these trolls”? Please do look at a mirror and you will see the root cause of the problems you were complaining about.

  37. UCSD Professor

    Bystander: Professor Kubiak has explained that he had no knowledge of the web page in question. It appeared on his group’s web site because Kubiak is extremely informal – his informality makes him very popular with students – and he allowed his own grad students to upload content to the site. This was an error in judgment on his part. This is the story I have heard from various parties directly and indirectly involved with this incident. The offending text itself was not intended as a racial slur, but rather was an inside joke that was misinterpreted. Given that Kubiak has absolutely no history of racism toward Chinese or any other group, this all seems quite plausible. What seems utterly implausible is the notion that Kubiak either authored or explicitly endorsed the use of offensive language on his group’s website. Unless you can prove that Kubiak did so, all you can defensibly claim is that Kubiak did not exercise appropriate caution in vetting materials posted on his group’s website. So he gets a stern warning for that, we faculty all learn a valuable lesson, and the administration will decide that graduate students are no longer permitted to post content to university websites. But any claims that Kubiak himself is guilty of racism are utterly without proof, and to those of us who actually know Kubiak, are totally ridiculous.

    USA Professor: I agree that we educators must be careful to combat racism and prejudice in the university community. I myself am a member of an ethnic minority. Not all references to ethnicity – even in jokes – are instances of racism. Overreacting to minor incidents such as this one has the consequence of diminishing the distinction between relatively harmless acts and truly hateful ones. In this case, I assure you there was no hatefulness behind it.

    So I think each of us has to exercise some judgment. We must recognize that in our internet age we can generate large-scale “viral” responses which when focused on an individual can be reputation and career-threatening, and even life-threatening. (Kubiak has received death threats and had to be escorted to his lectures yesterday by police.) In this particular case, I think it would have been better had the person who first discovered the offending text had sent Kubiak an email alerting him to the offensive content on his group’s website. Had that occurred, I’m confident that Kubiak would have investigated the matter and acted appropriately, removing that page and resolving to be more careful with his group’s website. It is true that this incident has been educational as to the possible unfortunate and unintended consequences of failing to exercise oversight and delegating authority to upload content to university web pages, but it has come at the cost of risk to Kubiak’s reputation, career, and indeed life. PIcture one of your favorite professors or colleagues in the same position and you will understand how troubling this is. So be careful of whom you accuse of racism.

  38. Bystander

    UCSD Professor,

    I hope everything you said about Dr. Kubiak is correct. Still his claim of no-knowledgement is beyond reasonable doubt to me. Hopefully the UCSD internal investigation can get the truth out, one way or the other.

  39. willams

    guys, check it out:

    read the comment!!!!!!!

  40. grubber

    as I gather the facts and statements, the situation is as follows:

    -post appears
    -post gets noticed
    -post gets taken down
    -apologies issued, ignorance of post pleaded.

    verdict: innocent until not found guilty. in current situation, innocent is most likely. case closed until new evidence.


  41. Walter Sobchak

    Also, Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Asian-American, please.

  42. Peter T. Wolczanski

    I do not know if Cliff Kubiak was aware of the content of his website, nor do I know the context of the offensive statement. It looks to me like an “an inside joke” was placed on the website without considering how it might be construed by an outside reader; clearly this was a mistake, as several readers have considered it offensive.

    I can tell you that I have known Cliff Kubiak for 30+ years and that he is not a racist. When I visited Cliff’s group meeting recently, I heard 3 or 4 presentations from students of at least three different nationalities, including one Asian-American. The remainder of his research group had representatives from at least three continents, and an international flavor that was truly wonderful and unusual; both sexes were also well represented. I can also tell you that Kubiak is a leading researcher in physical inorganic chemistry, and is well respected throughout the world. The camaraderie of the group during the meeting I witnessed was also terrific.

    As one of Cliff’s peers, I can tell you that I do not pay a lot of attention to my website. Websites tend to be the purview of the graduate students and postdocs; they are good for group morale, and they are fun ways to express the character of the research group.

    I can also tell you that students who take a single piece of subjective information, call it data, and extrapolate its meaning beyond reason are unlikely to make good scientists. I cannot comment upon other occupations.

    Finally, while I can easily see how an outsider might be offended by the website, I have difficulty rationalizing the response of the administration. I understand that in the age of political correctness, etc., certain public stances must be taken. Apologies must be done; sensitivity training must be conducted, etc. I also understand that a state institution such as UCSD must also be exquisitely sensitive to any malfeasance of the sort implied by this blog.

    What I find offensive is the lack of support by UCSD for an employee and professor who has and continues to serve the university to the best of his abilities. Wait a minute….of course! It takes courage to counteract accusations of this type, especially when situations are politically dangerous; why not just let it blow over.

  43. quicktime

    The professor is so damned stupid!

  44. Michael

    Wow, this has gone way too far.

    I know people who work for a professor who used to be under Kubiak. There’s a story behind it all. Everyone in his group at that time gave each other racist nicknames. My own professor was nicknamed “Cracker” in the group. The Asian (who, as pointed out already, was not even Chinese) got the nickname “Chinaman.” From what I’ve been told, he used to lie about everything. It was never by any means malicious, but it got to the point where the students never knew whether or not he was telling the truth. An unofficial rule was made among the group, “Don’t believe the Chinaman. Anything he says is a lie.” Which slowly got adapted to the rule you see above.

    From what I’ve also heard, his group controlled the website. He had very little hand in most of it’s construction or maintenance. The man’s far from racist.

    To respond to a few of the other comments, there’s no way the man’s getting fired. Have any of you see what he does for the university? The man’s brilliant. One comment will not be enough to end his contributions to the scientific community.

  45. Bystander

    Michael, pls tell ur story under oath to the UCSD investigation panel if what u said is true and u r truly whom u claimed to be.

  46. URaRAcist

    It is up to the Chinese to say if he is offended by this ‘Chinman’ word. There might be situations when this is funny to a Chinese, but posting on public website with no context is stupid to say the least. What kind of professor/university produces such stupid douche bags? Low class, stupidity.

  47. Joe Hanna

    Peter T. Wolczanski’s comment is insensitive.

  48. Joe Hanna

    ‘Chinaman” is a racist term since the gold rush days. Yes, Chinese are offended by such a term. So get grip of it. We are in 2011 not 1875.

  49. Joe Hanna

    Was the person responsible for the web content let go? There seems to be no accountability here. Nothing on public domain is funny without consequences.

  50. George Koo

    I think this discussion has firmly established that most ethnic Chinese and probably most Asians consider “Chinaman” derogatory. At first, I thought Professor Kubiak was trying to be the Russ Limbaugh of chemistry. However, most discussion seem to exonerate him from direct involvement. Kubiak has certainly caught a lot more heat from public reaction than when Limbaugh suffered from a case of diarrhea of the mouth. Perhaps the public was not surprised by obscenities from a low life such as Limbaugh.

  51. Brandon

    There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s too bad that everyone is so goddamn sensitive about racial topics that not even an obvious inside joke on a personal website can go without offending someone. Lighten up.

  52. fat tony

    i remember another great cliff joke, as told by cliff. Question, How do you separate the men from the boys in Greece? Answer, with a crowbar. Ha HA HA?? Oh yea guys you know what else? remember the rule about no Disney music in the lab? do you know why no Disney music? this was a long standing joke in the lab while i was in it. it is because of the Japanese students and their love of all things Disney. I remember a certain post doc who would always come into lab wearing some sort of Disney stuff such as a hat, a shirt, a backpack… i dont remember how many times i heard good old cliff make jokes about this

  53. fat tony

    oh check out this joke i just remembered. Again as told by good old cliff. “Do you know why Indian women have a red dot on their forehead? Its from their husband tapping her on the forehead with his index finger while saying YOUR SO FUCKING UGLY!!!!” sorry this one just isn’t as funny when delivered with words only. Its much better when the chair of the chemistry department comes walking into the lab you are working so hard in, all full of smiles and tells the group his newest joke while making a tapping motion with his index finger onto his own forehead. shit that was a good one if you ask me. had the whole room laughing like little kids

  54. fat tony

    oh about that n word… Old cliff liked that one too. except i think the arrogant fucker was actually afraid to go ahead and say nigger outright. you know the saying for something that was done in a half ass sort of way? come on you know this one. anyone got it yet? they call it nigger rigged. except he would just call it NR. As in “thats so NR” ” what the hell are you doing?”

  55. fat tony

    michael, you are a complete fucking idiot. just because Casey is and was a cracker ass cracker. don’t for a second go and start pretending to know what was said behind doors that you were not behind. you make it sound like we were a bunch of fun loving bigots just goofing around. lets say for a second that this was the truth. let me ask you then, what sort of PI would tolerate this sort of behavior and allow it to flourish in his lab all the way to the point that it bites him in his ass. the answer is, it the sort of PI who just does not give a shit.

  56. Randy

    Randy pimpstud

    I need some nerds too figure out how to make propane gas to dissolve in human urine.
    Fuel process starts with human urine then baking soda to raise ph and yeast. Propane needs to be dissolved in liquid but can’t figure out catalyst. You will be rewarded greatly

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