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Jun 20

A Classroom full of NanoKids: Pt. 3: Nanimals & Friends

by azmanam | Categories: chem 2.0, chemical education, fun | (27617 Views)

To see other creative NanoKids, click here

Last installment today.  Read background about this extra-credit project in my organic chemistry class here.

Thanks for playing along.  If you have creative NanoKids you want to share, feel free to email me.

*Note: My last name starts with Az and is pronounced like Oz, hence the Wizard of “Az” theme :)

(Note: some captions have been edited to remove class/school specific references)
(Click images to enlarge)


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  1. Andy Nathan

    I think the wizard of oz one is just awesome! Cool nano people!

  2. Stewie Griffin

    You should have told your students to also devise a synthesis of their nano drawing in order to receive credit… and then let them know you’re just kidding.

  3. Crystallinity

    I second the synthesis proposal idea :)

    I had a student draw an animal just like these you’ve posted – a parrot, and called it “beta-parotene” – even following the rules! It was in place of an answer on an organic exam, so unfortunately there was no extra credit for it.

  4. azmanam

    beta-parotene. Love it!

    Love the synthesis idea too. I’ll keep that one in my pocket :)

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