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Sep 13

Cheap Laugh Tuesdays #3: Fantasy Research League

by azmanam | Categories: fun | (34738 Views)

Welcome back to Cheap Laugh Tuesdays (CLT)!  Every Tuesday, I’ll post one of the science/chemistry-based cartoons I’ve found over the years.

This weekend was opening weekend to the (American) Football season.  I hope your fantasy team did better than mine did (I started Ben Roethlisberger instead of Eli Manning.  Oops).

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  1. Hap

    I would have too (though I don’t the fantasy thing) – Steelers vs. Ravens wouldn’t have seemed like the best way to get quarterback stats (though I wouldn’t have thought the Steelers would get thumped like that). but Eli Manning doesn’t seem reliable enough to depend on.

  2. azmanam

    I thought I was making the right start, too…

    Ya know, I checked on my team after posting the comic – now that the Monday night games are over. Thanks to Janikowski (Oakland’s place kicker) and McFadden (Oakland’s running back), I actually managed to pull out the win! I did have the lowest points of any winning team and some of the other losing scores were higher than my winning score, but a W is a W, right?

  3. Bender

    That’s what the Raiders say, anyways.

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