Most Popular Chemistry Paper for March 2012

Like January 2012, the most accessed paper for March 2012 on ChemFeeds was a small feature in Angewandte highlighting winners receiving recognition for their work, in this case the ACS 2012 National award. The winners in no particular order were David O’Hagan, Arnold L. Rheingold, Philip P. Power, Jonathan A. Ellman, Christopher A. Reed, Stephen Hanessian, Mitsuo Kira, Enrique Iglesia (not to be confused with the famous singer), and Raymond E. Schaak.

However, the honor of being the most highly accessed original science article was shared by two different JACS papers:

Reisman graphical abstract
Aiwen Lei graphical abstract

The paper with the most eye-catching graphical abstract goes to Young-Jae Oh and Ki-Hun Jeong for their Advanced Materials paper titled, “Glass Nanopillar Arrays with Nanogap-Rich Silver Nanoislands for Highly Intense Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering“.



  1. I see count nine chemists who were awarded at the 2012 ACS, I think you may have missed Professor Hanessian in the text!

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