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Apr 11


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We’re having a lot of fun over on Twitter coming up with Chemistry Song Titles.  Feel free to join in 🙂

3:00pm (EST) Update. This is probably not a full list, but it’s what I managed to copy down as I went 🙂

Not everyone provided the artist whose song they were parodying… I Googled the best I could.  If yours is mislabeled, let me know.

Full list below the jump.

Song Name Original Artist Submitter
Californium love 2Pac @21stcenturychem
H.P.L.C 50 Cent @21stcenturychem
In Da (Fume)Hood 50 Cent @all_isee
NO-ing Me, NO-ing U ABBA @ceaselessness
Shoot that Poison Arsenic Through My Heart ABC @S_J_Lancaster
Set Fire to the Drain Adelle @jaspevacek
Love in an Eluent Aerosmith @S_J_Lancaster
Walk this Weigh Aerosmith @Science_Gre
Shut up and Synthesize Aerosmith/Rhianna @Red_Gobbo
Written in the Spectra Aida @squidring
Re-Lab Amy Winehouse @Red_Gobbo
You’re Never Dressed without a SMILES Annie @squidring
You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Welwitindolinone) Aretha Franklin @SeeArrOh
Lip Up Fatty Bad Manners @S_J_Lancaster
Gasslaws Beck @reneewebs
Upfield Girl Billy Joel @S_J_Lancaster
We Didn’t Start the Fire Billy Joel @reneewebs
Don’t Want to Lewis You Now Gloria Estefan @michaelkls
CopperCabana Barry Manilow @S_J_Lancaster
TMSI Bee Gees @DPMould
Spicks and Spectra Bee Gees @reneewebs
Staying Alive Bee Gees @S_J_Lancaster
Take My Breath Away Berlin @S_J_Lancaster
My Pumps Black Eyed Peas @chemjobber
Like a Boilin’ Stone Bob Dylan @ACSUndergrad
No Product, No Cry Bob Marley @Kromablography
I Fought delH (& thermo won) Bobby Fuller Four @azmanam
Helicene Boniver @CBC_excimer
I Need a Product (or spectra)(or grant) Bonnie Tyler @Lillie_Bell
Total Eclipse of the Hartwig Bonnie Tyler @SandwichInLeeds
Total Eclipse of the Photoreaction Bonnie Tyler @Lillie_Bell
Oops! I Did it Again Britney Spears @Red_Gobbo
Vac My Fractions One More Time Britney Spears @Martinp23
Vigreauxin Up Bruce Springsteen @SeeArrOh
(Everything I Do) I Do it for Papers Bryan Adams @Red_Gobbo
The Chemicals Between Us Bush @JBH1982
Deprotonation Carly Simon @all_isee
My Solvent Will Boil Down Celine Dion @Red_Gobbo
Single Site Female Chely Wright @S_J_Lancaster
TLC Jar of Hearts Christina Perri @jcully8
Reagent from Tokyo Deep Purple @DPMould
Congratulations, Polymerization Cliff Richard @melissaingeneva
Mr. Jones’ Reagent Counting Crows @CBC_excimer
Chemical Calisthenics Cut Chemist @NT_STEM
Titanium David Guetta @flippantchemist
If These Van der Waals Could Talk Dead Celebrity Status @mangaassasin
Pour some Glucose on Me Def Leppard @azmanam
Pour some Sucrose on Me Def Leppard @21stcenturychem
POCl on the Water Deep Purple @DPMould
Come on Silene Dexys Midnight Runners @NChemGav
Chain Reaction Diana Ross @KaynForbes
Do the Shake and Vac Digital Underground @S_J_Lancaster
Americium Pie Don McLane @azmanam
The Reflux Duran Duran @Science_Gre
Hungry Like a Wolff Duran Duran @squidring
Electrolysis Avenue Eddy Grant @melissaingeneva
ELISA’s and Hard Waters Elton John @jaspevacek
Someone Saved My LiF Tonight Elton John @jaspevacek
Saturday Nights are Alright for Filtering Elton John @S_J_Lancaster
(Shap)hero Enrique Iglesias @all_isee
The Final Vacdown Europe @DPMould
Don’t Cry For Me Publication Evita @Red_Gobbo
One Step Too Far Faithless ft. Dido @AmandaChemist
The Rockafella Schlenk Fatboy Slim @reneewebs
I’ve Got My Ion You Frank Sinatra @S_J_Lancaster
I’ll Benzene You Frank Sinatra @S_J_Lancaster
(I’m Gonna) Shoot the Supervisor George Michael @Red_Gobbo
Polymer City Guns ‘n Roses @jaspevacek
(What gives a girl power and punch… It’s) Electrospray Hairspray @squidring
Schlenks, Drugs, & Rock ‘n Roll Ian Dury @S_J_Lancaster
Paciencia y Fe In the Heights @squidring
Pis Got a Brand New Grant James Brown @azmanam
I Melt with U(ranium) Jason Mrazd @AdharshRaghavan
I Got 99 Reactions (and a hit ain’t one) Jay Z @all_isee
Hi Ho Silver Lining Jeff Beck @NT_STEM
Don’t Stop TLC’ing Journey @azmanam
Fire Kasabian @ChemCommun
I Pipet by Mouth (and I Like It) Katy Perry @azmanam
My Schlenk Line Brings All the Flasks to the Hood Kelis @Martinp23
Since You Argon Kelly Clarkson @S_J_Lancaster
Sinter You’ve Been Gone Kelly Clarkson @S_J_Lancaster
Better the Solvent You Know Kylie Minogue @S_J_Lancaster
Bad Reaction Lady Gaga Mitch
Edge of Resorcinarene Lady Gaga @S_J_Lancaster
Lab Romance Lady Gaga @azmanam
Born to Dye Lana del Rey @karlDcollins
I Dreamed a Dream (Kekule) Les Mis @S_J_Lancaster
Cascades Lil Wayne @S_J_Lancaster
Amine Streak Little Big Town @21stcenturychem
Frozen Madonna @AmandaChemist
Ray of Light Madonna @AmandaChemist
Spoonful of Sucrose Mary Poppins @squidring
I Would Do Anything for My PhD (But I Won’t Do That) Meatloaf @S_J_Lancaster
The Safety Dance Men Without Hats @azmanam
For Whom the Flask Rolls Metallica @DPMould
Aldehyde Supposed to Live without You Michael Bolton @squidring
Just Heat It Michael Jackson @Ncharles
Blame it on the Retro Milli Vanilli @S_J_Lancaster
Our Solvent is Running Out Muse @Kromablography
Super Mass-Spec Blackhole Muse @TheMoltoBenny
I Could Have Column’ed All Night My Fair Lady @azmanam
Sweet Alkaline Neil Diamond @azmanam
Never Soxhlet You Go New Kids on the Block @reneewebs
(Organic) Super Base Nicki Minaj @azmanam
Good Times Gone (Someone forgot the heating plate on for too long) Nickleback @ICIQchem
Heart Shaped Beaker Nirvana @hsnarslan
Smells Like Neat Thiols Nirvana @azmanam
Lithium Nirvana @polyurethanes4U
D’Ya Know what Amine Oasis @all_isee
Distill the One Orleans @SeeArrOh
Let’s Get Physical Olivia Newton-John @MrCharlesEvans
Live and Let Dye Paul McCartney @S_J_Lancaster
Photachrome Paul Simon @CBC_excimer
Ozone Baby Pb Zeppelin @Jess_chemgeek
Downfield Petunia Clark @S_J_Lancaster
Phantom of the Operon Phantom @squidring
Raise Your Flask Pink @azmanam
Cluster One Pink Floyd @ICIQchem
Click My B*tch Up Prodigy @CBC_chem
Under Pressure Queen @S_J_Lancaster
Crazy Little Thing Called Lab Queen @squidring
What’s Your (NMR) Frequency, Kenneth R.E.M. @all_isee
Losing My Reaction R.E.M. @azmanam
Grignard on my Mind Ray Charles @azmanam
Seasons of Lab RENT @squidring
Negishi Gonna Give You up Rick Astley @Martinp23
Super Peak Rick James @ACSUndergrad
Unchained Nuclear Reacation Righteous Brothers @SeeArrOh
Addicted to Base Robert Palmer @ChemistryWorld
You Can’t Always Get the e.e. You Want Rolling Stones @azmanam
Love Don’t Live Here NMR Rose Royce @S_J_Lancaster
Supercooled Operator Sade @21stcenturychem
Dewar Want Me Salt ‘n’ Pepa @S_J_Lancaster
It Wasn’t Me (that broke/spilled) Shaggy @S_J_Lancaster
Coldfinger Shirley Bassey @Science_Gre
Bridge over Troubled Spectra Simon & Garfunkel @azmanam
Disulfide Bridge over Troubled Peptides Simon & Garfunkel @Kromablography
Salt Bridge over Buffered Water Simon & Garfunkel @DPMould
Cecelite Simon & Garfunkel @CBC_excimer
I Like Big Burets and I Cannot Lie Sir Mixalot @Kromablography
Baby Got Back Titration Sir Mixalot @21stcenturychem
Weight and Bead Slipknot @S_J_Lancaster
I Second that Emulsion Smokey Robinson & the Miracles @robbiewoody
Born-Haber to be Wild Steppenwolf @21stcenturychem
Allene in New York Sting @S_J_Lancaster
Tainted Glove Soft Cell @Synthesist88
Iodine Sons and Daughters @JBH1982
Gold/Au Spandau Ballet @chemcommun, @RSC_Roadmap
Freon Nelson Mandela Special AKA @S_J_Lancaster
Stand and Deliver Stevie Wonder @S_J_Lancaster
All Across the Sands Stone Roses @S_J_Lancaster
Product Ain’t Here Anymore Take That @andrewjgross
Good (IR) Vibrations The Beach Boys @azmanam
While My Condenser Gently Weeps The Beatles @azmanam
Long and Winding Route The Beatles @azmanam
Hard Day’s Night The Beatles @S_J_Lancaster
Long and Winding Liebig The Beatles @S_J_Lancaster
pH I Love You The Beatles @S_J_Lancaster
Lucy in the Sky with C The Beatles @Bruised_knee
Galvanize The Chemical Brothers @nanogap
I Believe in a thing Called Yield The Darkness @nanogap
Relight my Splint The Doors @S_J_Lancaster
Light My Burner The Doors @e_cuadrafoy
Zeolite My Fire The Doors @melissaingeneva
Hotel Californium The Eagles @AdharshRaghavan
You Dropped a Bomb Calorimeter on Me The Gap Band @21stcenturychem
Easy as TLC The Jackson 5 @TheMoltoBenny
Gotta Keep ’em (HPLC Peaks) Separated The Offspring @Kromablography
Stille Loving You The Scorpions @S_J_Lancaster
Some Girl’s Yield The Smiths @S_J_Lancaster
There’s a Reaction that Never Goes to Completion The Smiths @hsnarslan
This Charming Chemist The Smiths @philgale
Meet Me in the NMR Room The Strokes @Red_Gobbo
H.M.P.A. The Villiage People @all_isee
E.D.T.A. The Villiage People @KaynForbes
Make It Easy on Your Shelf The Walker Brothers @explainthatstuff
Won’t Get FeS2 Again The Who @mangaassasin
Crystalised The XX @ceaselessness
Boys are Vaccing Down Thin Lizzy @DPMould
I Think We’re Allene Now Tiffany @CBC_excimer
I Think We’re Ketone Now Tiffany @21stcenturychem
I love this h-bar Toby Kieth @CBC_excimer
Still Haven’t Found the Paper I’m Looking for U2 @azmanam
Glass of H2O U2 @ChemicalScience
TA Got us Fallin’ in Love Usher @azmanam
Adenine What Love Is Vashti Bunyan @S_J_Lancaster
Dry Ice Baby Vanilla Ice @S_J_Lancaster
A Thousand Moles Vanessa Carlton @squidring
You Don’t Love Me NMR Weird Al @squidring
Defying Entropy Wicked @squidring
The Amino Acid Song @Bruised_knee
God Save the Chemists @Red_Gobbo



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  1. Mitch

    Bad Reaction, Lady Gaga.

  2. Alex Zh

    Actually, there IS a chemistry parody called Resistant To Base.

  3. Tim

    Written by Scott (Johannesberg?) from TAMU Chemistry a few years back. Hilarious.

  4. Phil

    Almost wish I had twitter now … can I suggest
    a) You don’t miss your XXXwaterXXX (’til your YYYwellYYY run dry) – Craig David
    b) Bond Together – The Beatles
    c) How does it taste – Avril Lavigne
    d) The Product is gone – B.B. King
    e) Is there a product – Band of Horses
    f) One angry reflux and 200 solemn forces – Ben Folds Five
    g) Rebel Yield – Billy Idol
    h) T.H.F. – AC/DC
    i ) Chasing payments – Adele (…ask any academic)
    j) Grind it up – Bob Marley
    k) Smells like spirit – Nirvana
    l) Bitter Sweet Synthesis – The Verve
    m) Safety Police – Radiohead
    n) Seven Pot Synthesis – The White Stripes
    o) Throw your (fireblanket) around me – Hunters & Collectors
    p) All along the benchtop – Jimi Hendrix
    q) Enter(ained) Solventman – Metallica
    r) Poisoner of Society – The Living End
    s) SinkFist – Tool
    t) Better Yield – Pearl Jam
    u) Hey Joule – The Beatles
    v) Epic (fail) – Faith No More
    w) Sweet product ‘o mine – Guns’N’Roses
    x) Like a boiling chip – Bob Dylan
    y) Distillate, you should have come over – Jeff Buckley
    z) Song 6.022 – Blur

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