The Organic Chemists Dream

Now here is something, the simultaneous formation of 96 bonds in a one-pot reaction!! Yes, 96 bonds at one go.

This feat was recently reported in Angewandte Chemie DOI: 10.1002/anie.201202050 , entitled Integrative Self-Sorting Synthesis of a Fe8Pt6L24 Cubic Cage, but I do not profess to understand it.

This would be great for organic chemists. Imagine throwing together carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and a bit of sulphur and a few other trace elements and shaking (not stirring) and out pops a blockbuster drug or a new life form!

Here is what they produced.



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  2. I’m a little confused about the count. During a polymerization, I can forms thousands of bonds in a single molecule. What’s the particular uniqueness claimed here?

    • I assume the point is that when you make a polymer, you are really making a set of molecules with similar, yet not identical, chemical structure (polydispersity). In this synthesis, the products are exactly the same molecule, with the same molecular weight and structure.

  3. I quote from a part if the paper’s introduction, “An alternative method to create complexity, employed herein, entails the use of a single heterotopic ligand and more than one metal ion, wherein the fidelity of the self-assembly relies on integrative self-sorting.”
    And from the abstract:
    “96 bonds were formed when 62 building blocks (heterotopic ligands with FeII and PtII ions) self-assembled in a one-pot reaction into a heterometallic Fe8Pt6L24 cubic cage”

  4. Dangerous Bill says:

    Time to take another look at intelligent design. Throw in an atom of unobtainium, and the watch assembles itself.

    As a chemical curiosity, though, it’s tops. And sometimes today’s curiosity becomes tomorrow’s valuable product.

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