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Jun 06

The Organic Chemists Dream

by Quintus | Categories: general chemistry, synthetic chemistry | (34896 Views)

Now here is something, the simultaneous formation of 96 bonds in a one-pot reaction!! Yes, 96 bonds at one go.

This feat was recently reported in Angewandte Chemie DOI: 10.1002/anie.201202050 , entitled Integrative Self-Sorting Synthesis of a Fe8Pt6L24 Cubic Cage, but I do not profess to understand it.

This would be great for organic chemists. Imagine throwing together carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and a bit of sulphur and a few other trace elements and shaking (not stirring) and out pops a blockbuster drug or a new life form!

Here is what they produced.



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  1. John Spevacek

    I’m a little confused about the count. During a polymerization, I can forms thousands of bonds in a single molecule. What’s the particular uniqueness claimed here?

    1. andre

      I assume the point is that when you make a polymer, you are really making a set of molecules with similar, yet not identical, chemical structure (polydispersity). In this synthesis, the products are exactly the same molecule, with the same molecular weight and structure.

  2. Quintus

    I quote from a part if the paper’s introduction, “An alternative method to create complexity, employed herein, entails the use of a single heterotopic ligand and more than one metal ion, wherein the fidelity of the self-assembly relies on integrative self-sorting.”
    And from the abstract:
    “96 bonds were formed when 62 building blocks (heterotopic ligands with FeII and PtII ions) self-assembled in a one-pot reaction into a heterometallic Fe8Pt6L24 cubic cage”

    1. Dangerous Bill

      Isn’t that just academic for ‘it put itself together’?

  3. Dangerous Bill

    Time to take another look at intelligent design. Throw in an atom of unobtainium, and the watch assembles itself.

    As a chemical curiosity, though, it’s tops. And sometimes today’s curiosity becomes tomorrow’s valuable product.

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