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Mar 25

Say it with Molecules

by Mark | Categories: fun | (59830 Views)

Capsaicin necklace anyone?

Anyone fancy some quality, tasteful geeky  jewellery? I don’t think you could do much better than this. Its accurate, sterling silver and subtly nerdy, which means I might just about be able to get away with buying some for the other half. 

There’s a whole range of your favourite molecules in wearable form, from capsaicin necklaces to nucleotide earrings and serotonin cuff links.

All available from

Hat tip to @DrBWahab for the link.


  1. Kenneth Hanson

    I got the serotonin necklace for my wife, then girlfriend, about 7 years ago. She is not a chemist but she loved it. The chemists we meet that recognize it also get a kick out of it.

  2. @SuperScienceGrl

    I love the charm bracelets. Desperate for the ‘focus’ one! I just want to buy this website’s entire collection…..

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