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Jun 16

The Perovskite Project

by Mark | Categories: fun | (49087 Views)

How’s this for a good chemistry yarn? A crack team of knitters from the University of  Surrey’s Chemistry Department have spun out an unlikely collaborative project by rallying weavers everywhere to help them string together a cuddly version of perovskite.

Chief knitter/outreach officer, Dr Julia Percival, was busying roping in novice and experts alike throughout the Cheltenham Science Festival, but the woolly model still needs a bit more work before the full fleecy crystal is finished. So how about you put down the pipettes and get purling instead?

I had a go but  I’m sorry to say I only manage a couple of rows before my tangled mess of thread had to be recycled. But if you are handy with a pair of needles and ball of wool why not give it a go. You can find all contact details, info and patterns at the Perovskite Project and follow its progress on facebook.


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