What’s with all the “periodic tables”?

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of all the imitation “periodic tables” doing the rounds. They just don’t make sense. How are periodic tables of muppets, candy or fonts anything but a collection of things that fit into those catergories. There’s rarely any periodicity to any of them, so why  call them a periodic table? Aren’t they just, well … tables? OK there are a few gem; ironically the periodic table of irritational nonsense is quite good and the periodic table of periodic tables deserves a mention. But on the whole aren’t they  just a load of clap trap.

Now if you want a really good varient of the periodic table how about this from science communicator and chemist Jamie Gallagher?  

from http://www.jamiebgall.co.uk/


  1. PT of irrational nonsense is hilarious! 🙂

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