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Jul 18

A Year in the Life of a New Research Lab…in Less than One Minute

by Kenneth Hanson | Categories: fun, general chemistry | (142592 Views)

The Hanson Research Group’s first experiment—initiated my second day on the job—involved two strategically placed Brinno TLC200 time-lapse cameras programmed to take one photo per day. The video from our first camera that covered our less-trafficked support space was posted in March. Below is the video from our second camera, which was placed in the main lab and focused on one of our fume hoods.


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  1. Organometallica

    Cool! I wish we had this sort of look at our own lab, which has seen quite a lot of modifications and additions in the past two years!

    However, seeing a lot of inconsistency in the PPE 😉

  2. mitch

    Very cool idea. Do your student’s mind being filmed though?

    1. Kenneth Hanson

      When I gave prospective students a tour of the lab I made it very clear that the camera only takes one photo per day. For the most part it seems like they are ok with it. But now that they are comfortable, I guess it’s time to install the surveillance camera.

  3. blindchemist


    No safety goggles, gloves, or jacket. You may not be working with n-butyllithium however encouraging an environment of safety should be one of your top priorities.

    Good luck in your endeavors,

  4. Tom

    This is really cool. I’m surprised that the students didn’t work out what time the photo was taken each day. Then they could have made sure they were there so it looked like they were working hard.

  5. a different Andrew

    So… that white tub with the blue lid is really important, huh? 🙂 Cool video!

  6. worldofchemicals

    Thats quite good very nice idea we will also try to do the same thing in our lab, let see how it goes

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