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Dec 03

The Underground Map of the Elements – now with Nh, Mc, Ts & Og

by Mark | Categories: fun | (414130 Views)

What with the names of the four latest elements being confirmed I thought it time I updated the original Underground Map of the Elements. So here it is resplendent with nihomium, moscovium, organesson and tennessine! Enjoy

Underground map of the elements 2016

Link to PDF version.


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  1. Neil Fairbrother

    Nihonium, Flerovium and Oganesson need spelling corrections :). Also, can I download a PDF of this anywhere?

    1. Mark

      Thanks for spotting the typos Neil, corrected now. And I’ve added a link to a pdf version below the image.

      1. Neil Fairbrother

        No problem! Thanks for the PDF version, I’m looking forward to displaying this at the school where I work. I’ve also spotted one other spelling correction – Darmstadtium. Sorry to be a pain!

        1. Mark

          Sorted, I hope its fit for your school’s wall now, but do tell me if you spot any other typos.

          1. Neil Fairbrother

            Have just spotted Caesium – although Cesium is acceptable (if using American spelling). Probably more me being picky, but I think Caesium is the official IUPAC spelling :).

  2. Celeste

    Wow! Representing the elements as an underground map is a great idea. Resplendent indeed!

  3. Anita

    Wow, this is awesome.

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