The sort of repeating table of things that make up everything

I really like XKCD. One of the pictures I like the most is the Up Goer Five. I sometimes use it to show other people how you can explain hard ideas using just the words people use the most.

So I got to thinking whether I could explain some of the facts about the table that we all like a lot and is 150 years old,  but just using the ten hundred words people use the most.
I ended up falling down a home made by a long eared jumping animal. But it was fun and because I spent too much time doing it I thought I might as well share it with you all.
Thanks to Theo Sanderson for making the Up-Goer Five writing thing.

You can get a big picture of the table here.

EDIT: Thanks to Emma for telling me this has been done before, so please do look at it  in Thing Explainer.


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  2. This is really neat! Any chance of getting a version that is a white background with black lettering?

  3. Hi Mark, Thanks alot for this blog, i have a question about iron, is there a scientific way to know the exact age of iron as an element ? something like carbon-dating but with iron.

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