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Mar 20

New Lab Time Lapse

Eight months ago the Hanson Research Group announced our first experiment on twitter. We set out to capture, via pictures, the transition from an empty space to a fully functioning lab. This involved two Brinno TLC200 time-lapse cameras programmed to take one photo per day. Last week we stopped the camera located in the support …

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Jan 18

Photo Friday (#picpickoftheweek)


My graduate student, Sean Hill, became the Hanson Research Group twitter account manager last week. We first talked about what is and isn’t acceptable to post on the internet. Then Sean explained to me the nuances of hash tags and how I’ve underutilized them.  He also suggested something brilliant: a photo of the week. One …

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Dec 09

Recapping Mike Shatruk’s AMA

Mike Shatruk, chair of Florida State University’s chemistry graduate recruiting & admissions committee, hosted an AMA (ask me anything) on last week. Over a span of three days, he answered redditor’s questions about applying to graduate programs, factors in admission decisions, faculty advisor selection, and more. A recap of the AMA is shared below …

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Dec 01

Aspiring Graduate Students: You have questions, Mike Shatruk has answers!

Are you thinking about applying to a chemistry graduate program? Do you have a few questions first? What is the application process? What items do I need to gather in order to apply? What is the most important part of my application package? How soon will I hear back after applying? What should I consider …

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Nov 09

Rethinking the Jablonski Diagram

Cake image

I am teaching a course titled “Spectroscopic Characterization of Molecules, Materials and Photovoltaics.” The first few lectures were on molecular photophysics and included a thorough introduction of the Jablonski Diagram (For anyone interested, my lecture ppt slides are available here). The Jablonski diagram, first introduced by Aleksander Jabłoński in 1933, is a graphical depiction of …

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Aug 22

Alexandrite Effect: Not All White Light is Created Equal

Image 9-cyan from OLED

Alexandrite is a gem that exhibits an amazing property. It appears red in incandescent light and green in sunlight. Incandescent light and sunlight both appear white when we look at them but, as Alexandrite demonstrates, not all white light is the same. Differences in white light sources can have a profound effect on how we …

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