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Mark Lorch has PhD in biochemist and is a lecture at the University of Hull, UK. As well as research, teaching and blogging he can sometimes be found 'science busking' on the streets of Yorkshire. Sometimes his favourite tricks end up in his blogs. Oh, and he tweets @sci_ents.

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Jun 27

Is the Coop bank fishing for an anti-science cause?


The Cooperative bank has had its troubles of late, mismanagement, scandal ridden executives and massive debts have seen an the organisation that prided itself on its ethical policy forced to reevaluate its self image. At the moment it takes a stance, both through its investments and the customers its accepts, that supports communities, tackles povety, …

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Jun 19

Food for the souls of the most hungry

Antibiotic resistance

I’ve just come back from the Cheltenham Science Festival. It was a truly inspiring week of educating and entertaining science, maths and technology. Insights direct from Richard Dawkins (he didn’t claim he wanted to kill Santa), to  mesmerising talks from Sean Carroll, and the hugely entertaining Famelab final (a world wide science communication competition were contestants get 3 …

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May 23

Making sense of chemical stories

SAS - Natural vs. Man-Made Toxicity FINAL (1)

Discussions on chemophobia (or whatever you want to call it) is a perennial favourite on chemistry blogs. But the conversation rarely extends out of our echo chamber. But now Sense about Science have joined the discussion with the publication of a guide entitled  Making Sense of Chemical Stories. Sense about Science is a respected charitable …

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May 18

The Rules

Here at chemistry-blog we feel the need for a sacred text setting out the etiquette to be followed by chemicals scientists everywhere. Henceforth these shall be known as The Rules (an idea blatantly stolen for cyclists), and they shall set us apart from those that peddle particles or organisms. The Rules have been distilled from precedents and …

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May 15

Who knows reviewers’ identities?

A couple of posts ago I shared a pretty unpleasant experience I had after peer-reviewing a grant application. In short my anonymity appeared to have been breached and I received ,what I took to be, a thinly veiled threat from the grant’s author. Some of the comments that followed thanked me for bring the case …

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Apr 01

The advance of the chemical-free sciences

Chemist have long complained about the use of the term ‘chemical-free’ in marketing, particularly when used to promote organic produce. To bolster our standing, and to sure up the chemical industry, we go one about everything containing chemicals and hence  how ‘chemical-free’ is a meaningless term. The veracity of the anti-chemical-free movement is highlighted by …

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