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Sep 11

Simulating C&EN and JACS

I decided to make a robot that would Tweet fake C&EN headlines and JACS titles. There are many ways one could go about doing this. The way I decided to do it is to use something called Markov chains. This is similar to how your cellphone’s keyboard works: Your cellphone will try to guess which …

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Jun 23

Making Sexy Catalytic Converters in Power Point

Today, I’ll be moving away from explaining how to use Powerpoint to make sexy molecules and show how it can be used to make compelling science graphics too. In next week’s issue of Chemical & Engineering News I highlight some recent advances in catalytic converter technology. I did not know much about catalytic converter chemistry …

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Jun 17

Making Sexy Molecules in Powerpoint

Making sexy molecules is a great way to make your science shine. Sometimes you just need that extra umph for your grant or presentation. There are a lot of drawing programs out there so which one should a chemist use? I suggest PowerPoint. All chemists have it installed in their computers, and it only takes …

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Jul 18

C&EN Onion

A new blog takes a very satirical look at the daily lives of chemists. A sampling of the story titles are below: Graduate Student Power Tripping After First Nature Publication Dartmouth Senior Admits Never Read McQuarrie’s “Quantum Chemistry,” Only Sits On Dorm Table To Impress Girls Summer Undergraduate Student Far Too Excited About Running Columns …

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Aug 13

Alleged Data Manipulation in Nano Letters and ACS Nano from the Pease group

A recent paper from Rajasekhar Anumolu and Leonard F. Pease in Nano Letters entitled, “Chopstick Nanorods: Tuning the Angle between Pairs with High Yield“, had a collection of very interesting TEM images. Below are a set of images from both Figure 4E and 4F. The images below show the boundary of one nanorod apparently overlapping …

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Aug 07

When Authors Forget to Fake an Elemental Analysis

As first posted by ChemBark, a recent paper in Organometallics by Professor Reto Dorta at the University of Zurich is catching the ire of the online chemical community today [, ] for a quick throaway note left in the supporting information in the paper entitled, “Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Studies of Palladium and Platinum Bis-Sulfoxide …

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