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Name: See Arr Oh
Date registered: March 26, 2012
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" See Arr Oh is a medicinal chemist working in industry. He enjoys learning new languages and playing 8-bit NES. See Arr Oh blogs at Just Like Cooking and contributes to several other blogs, including Chemjobber, Totally Synthetic, and CENtral Science’s The Haystack and Newscripts"

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Dec 09

Roll-On Hormones, now on ESPN

Here’s something you don’t see every day: new drugs advertised on ESPN. Especially one you apply to your armpits. Enter Axiron, Lilly’s new therapy for hypogonadism (decreased hormone production from the testes), a whopping dose of male sex hormone testosterone – 60 mg, compared to the normal 5-10 mg produced in the body – delivered in a convenient deodorant applicator. Lilly’s product capitalizes …

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Aug 15

LeBron James Promotes Sheet-y Science

It’s been quite a year for the NBA All-Star: claiming his first NBA Championship, winning gold in the 2012 London Olympics, and now…promoting dietary supplements? The product in question, Sheets®, offers variations on the “breath strips” made popular roughly a decade ago. Each strip contains different GRAS additives, such as melatonin to aid sleep, or …

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Jun 17

Lab Muppet Theory

Quick: What do Pinky and The Brain, Kirk and Spock, Bunsen and Beaker…and your research group all have in common? Give up? They all subscribe to “Muppet Theory,” a very recent label on a very old phenomenon. As Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick explains, Muppet Theory reprises the age-old struggle between archetypes: Order fighting Chaos, Kermit against Animal, maybe …

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May 22

Nitroolefins – The Crying Game

(This post was written for the ‘Toxic Chemicals’ carnival, over at ScienceGeist) Let me tell you about the time I broke down crying in lab. No, it wasn’t an epic breakup, or even a death in the family. It was…a nitroolefin. Many summers ago, I worked as a pharma intern, a small flywheel in a then-huge …

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Apr 20

Eye-Test Abstracts

Readers: have you noticed the new trend in graphical abstracts? Seems to me that more and more choose the “coloring book” route. (I’ve written about this a few times at Just Like Cooking, but I’ve decided to up the ante and broaden the discussion audience over here) When designing talks and posters, most chemists will …

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