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If Jim Henson Taught Chemistry

I’ve had a few people tell me about this video, and saw it on BoingBoing as well. It’s creative, if not terribly informative, I guess I don’t know what I should expect from something like this. I do know I thought that at least one fuzzy member of the cast might be of help when cleaning glassware.

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Shifting Constants

”]Is this what a mole looks like? [Image from Wikipedia]One of the first things that pops up in chemical education at the high school level is stoichiometric equations where a student is supposed to determine such things as yields, coefficients, and amounts of substance on a purely theoretical basis. This quickly becomes old hat for many students. In high school, my stoichiometric technique (if you could call it that) left a lot to be desired. I tended to “divine” my answers on tests and quizzes by playing with numbers until an answer made sense- then using it. It worked surprisingly well- and I got through classes learning very little but with decent grades. At the time, I wasn’t terribly interested in chemistry, and the class really was boring up until the end, where we got to learn about electrochemistry. I didn’t realize at the time that the subject matter wasn’t being done any justice. To me a mole was a mole was a mole. I just knew there were these numbers that I used to divine answers.

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