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Sep 09

Aspiring Graduate Students: You have questions, FSU Graduate Recruiting & Admissions Committee has answers!

Last December, Mike Shatruk, chair of Florida State University’s chemistry graduate recruiting & admissions committee, hosted an AMA (ask me anything) on The post generated considerable interest with 191 upvotes and 178 comments. The questions ranged from job prospects to metrics for grad school acceptance. This year we have decided to give it another …

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Jul 18

A Year in the Life of a New Research Lab…in Less than One Minute

The Hanson Research Group’s first experiment—initiated my second day on the job—involved two strategically placed Brinno TLC200 time-lapse cameras programmed to take one photo per day. The video from our first camera that covered our less-trafficked support space was posted in March. Below is the video from our second camera, which was placed in the main lab and …

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Jul 02

Memoir of a First Year Assistant Professor

As of July 1st I’ve been an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Florida State University for one year. It has been a roller coaster ride complete with exhilarating highs and crushing lows all occurring at a frenzied pace. The last year has been incredible though and I thought I would share some thoughts on my …

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May 21

Update: Photo Friday (#picpickoftheweek)

In January the Hanson Research Group (@HansonFSU) introduced Photo Friday, a twitter-based ‘best picture of the week’ (#picpickoftheweek). Since then my students have created an amazing collection of photographs depicting our research, equipment, and chemicals. I’d like to highlight my six favorite photos so far (in no particular order). In the first picture a reaction …

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Mar 20

New Lab Time Lapse

Eight months ago the Hanson Research Group announced our first experiment on twitter. We set out to capture, via pictures, the transition from an empty space to a fully functioning lab. This involved two Brinno TLC200 time-lapse cameras programmed to take one photo per day. Last week we stopped the camera located in the support …

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Jan 18

Photo Friday (#picpickoftheweek)

My graduate student, Sean Hill, became the Hanson Research Group twitter account manager last week. We first talked about what is and isn’t acceptable to post on the internet. Then Sean explained to me the nuances of hash tags and how I’ve underutilized them.  He also suggested something brilliant: a photo of the week. One …

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