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Mitch Photo Mitch André Garcia is a PhD chemist now at UCLA for his postdoc. (read postings)Facebook Mitch! CV
Azmanam photo Azmanam earned his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in synthetic organic chemistry. He is currently teaching organic chemistry as a member of the chemistry department at a midwestern Liberal Arts university. (read postings)
Maz Photo Maz Ali is a first year grad student at Princeton shaking and baking his way to new superconductors, hoping to graduate someday…(read postings)
noel1 Noel is a first year graduate student studying synthetic aspects of inorganic materials. She enjoys the occasional pleasure of watching Cal Bears win something. (read postings)
J photo Jeremy is a synthetic chemistry graduate student finishing his PhD soon and constantly reminding himself that, “I’m doing this so my kids don’t have to.” To see more of his writing visit The Realm of Organic Synthesis or (read postings)
Azmanam photo Azmanam earned his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in synthetic organic chemistry. He is currently teaching organic chemistry as a member of the chemistry department at a midwestern Liberal Arts university. (read postings)
Chemjobber photo Chemjobber is a PhD organic chemist in industry. He likes the Indianapolis Colts, cornbread and C-H activation chemistry. To see more of his writing visit… Chemjobber or (read postings)
Ken photo Ken is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State University. His research focuses on understanding the structure-property relationship of molecular light absorbers/emitters in dye-sensitized solar cells and other applications.(read postings)
Crystallinityphoto Crystallinity is a fourth-year graduate student at a big name school in a big ol’ city who feels the clock ticking… To read more of her writing visit: Chemical Crystallinity or (read postings)
nickuhlig photo Nick is an organic chemistry graduate student at McGill University, in Montreal… (read postings)
SeeArrOh See Arr Oh is a medicinal chemist working in industry. He also enjoys jazz, digging up ancient pirate treasure, and coffee. See Arr Oh blogs at Just Like Cooking and contributes to several other blogs, including Chemjobber, Totally Synthetic, and CENtral Science’s The Haystack and Newscripts (read postings)
Mark Chemistry Blog Photo Mark Lorch has a PhD in biochemistry and is a lecturer at the University of Hull, UK. As well as research, teaching, and blogging he can sometimes be found ‘science busking’ on the streets of Yorkshire. Sometimes his favourite tricks end up in his try this at home blog. He is also a regular contributor to the Guardian and The Conversation. (read postings)
Ian Chemistry Blog Photo Ian is an analytical chemist with more than 15 years experience in pharmaceutical development, based in the UK and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. When not in the lab, he can be found on the dance floor, in the pub or wandering, probably lost, on Dartmoor…(read postings)
Quintus Chemistry Blog Photo Quintus I have a PhD in Chemistry and after 30 years in industry, in a variety of departments, latterly chemical development I realized I was in the wrong job and the company left me. Some interests include all aspects of organic chemistry, especially natural product synthesis and natural products in general, as well as the history of chemistry…(read postings)
Lotta Chemistry Blog Photo Lotta is a Swedish recent PhD in inorganic chemistry who likes bioorganometallics, coffee breaks and bright colours…(read postings)

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Fleaker photo Fleaker is a synthetic inorganic chemist. His interests are science and society (public image), industrial chemistry, hobby jewelery manufacture, and materials science. (read postings)
Phil photo Phil is a graduate student at ETH Zürich…(read postings)
Boyie photo Boyie is a PhD student at a primarily research university with interests in solid state chemistry and condensed matter physics… (read postings)
Jason photo Jason:
Jason is a graduate student in Organic/Inorganic somewhere in the US…
(read postings)
movies photo movies:
movies is a chemistry graduate student at a leading US institution…
(read postings)
mebecker1 photo Alpha-Omega:
Alpha-Omega is a chemical technical support specialist somewhere…
(read postings)

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psi ?*?:
Psi is an accomplished chemical blogger, to see more of her writing visit… Carbon Based Curiosities (read postings)
Kyle Finchsigmate Kyle Finchsigmate:
Kyle is an accomplished chemical blogger, to see more of his writing visit… The Chem Blog (read postings)


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  1. Kelly

    I have a question that I think a chemist should answer. First the story, what I did then my fear/question.
    My daughter dropped her iphone 5 in a Porta Potty. She got someone to get it out for her, while I would have left it had I known. So now, I was faced with an iPhone, covered in all manner of organic nastiness. Still working, covered in excrement and in a Baggie I took it home. Figuring it was a complete loss anyway I immersed the phone in 99% isopropyl alcohol so that the alcohol would get into every crack and crevice. Soaked for about 30 seconds started to notice the screen get a dark shadow. I took it out and wiped it off. I put it in a Baggie of rice and sealed it up. Checked it about 12 hours later and it was working. Screen looks really funky . I was thinking the alcohol would evaporate out, but now I see that is not happening. I wonder if what I am seeing is trapped alcohol and excrement or just alcohol or some sort of reaction the alcohol had with the components. Do you think it will evaporate over time or stay. My most important question is do you think there is an explosion danger with having soaked it in alcohol since the phone heats up with use. I thought it would just be trashed and it is nothing great to look at, but it is functional. Do you think there could be a risk of bad bacteria after soaking it in alcohol as well. Sorry for the long message, just don’t know what to do and want to hear from someone thinking about the chemical reactions that could happen. Thank you.

  2. azmanam

    I’ve ported this over to the chemistry reddit. Look for an answer to your question there…

  3. Peter

    I am trying to find someone that can help me out. I was never very good at Chemistry so thats why I am here. I am trying to find out if there is an element or gas or chemical that either by itself or when introduced with another element or gas or chemical would release a non-toxic/safe coolant or cold gas?

    any help, even a point in the right direction would be greatly appriciated.

  4. LLoyd Garrick

    How do I join this blog so I can post?

    (organic) chemist, M.S.

  5. Ross Youngs


    We are trying to get our act together and see if we can sell a range of our products and focus them on Labs and industry of all types.

    Here is one of the products that has links that I put on my google pages

    My goal would be able to test the reader interest and then determine how else to meet the needs of chemists or labs.

    On your site it said advertising could occur right on your blogs, is that every chemist bloggers blog or the site itself, I would be interested in a quote and would look to see if this would work. We are a small US manufacturer and can use all the good places we can find to reach industrial customers,

    Thank You, Ross Youngs

  6. Prakash


    I am working with Ferric (III) Nitrate in biological systems
    I have stored the substance in refrigerator at 4 deg Celsius for about one week and then shifted to room temperature as the minimum storage temp is 10 deg c.

    Will this makes iron nitrate to lose its activity or decompose it ?
    It is mentioned that iron nitrate is highly air sensitive and hygroscopic.

    Please advice
    Thanks in advance-

  7. Joe Hawkins

    I am horrible at chemistry which is why I’m here. Does anyone know of an ingredient to add to acrylic elastomeric-slip resistant deck coating to make it softer? Sorry about the dumb nature of the question, but I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

  1. Recommendation: Chemistry Dictionary « Organic Chemistry Tips and Techniques

    […] to make your life just a little bit easier. Keeping that in mind, I’d like to recommend azmanam’s chemistry dictionary, which I’ve been using for the last three years or so [1]. It slots into […]

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