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Aug 29

#WheresCarmen at ACSIndy?

C&E News reporter Carmen Drahl is covering the ACS Conference in Indianapolis in September, and she needs your help. She’s crowd sourcing which events to cover. You can vote on the C&E News Facebook page. Help shape the journalistic coverage of ACSIndy!

Aug 19

Writing an Online Organic Chemistry Quiz

Lately, I’ve been very interested in using my university’s Learning Management System (we use Moodle, others use Blackboard or something else) to administer quizzes to my students, but as an organic chemist, I’ve been hesitant to do so. Primarily because I don’t want to ask a bunch of multiple choice questions. That’s not what my …

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Dec 21


Chemis-Trees have been all the raged on the chemistry Reddit this season. A select few are shown below. If you have one feel free to leave it in the comments and we’ll add it to the list. from The University of Malta (@detox29) —– from (@Fluorophore1) —– from (@KeithLav) —– from (@heckler_heckler) —– from (@wych_) …

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Sep 25

Reality Show of Chemistry Undergrads

MIT has fully embraced the power of the internet to educate outside the walls of its lecture halls. It offers anyone with an internet connection the ability to watch lectures from a large variety of classes through its OpenCourseWare (OCW) initiative. However, they have taken it a step further this year, and present the travails …

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Sep 14

A year of OChem, as told by a blog stat graph

**Today’s post is a guest post by James Ashenhurst, author of the fantastic blog Master Organic Chemistry** If Google Analytics is any guide, here’s what a year of teaching organic chemistry looks like. The typical year’s forecast calls for growing concern from September onwards, peaking in a mid December monsoon. This is followed by a …

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Jul 17

Awesome Chemistry Videos

As I have for the past several semesters, I have allowed students to write and perform awesome OChem videos. Many are song parodies, but not all. I’ve also gotten Jeopardy! parodies and Big Bang Theory parodies 🙂 The first semester I did this, I got one submission. This semester, I received 17 videos, and more …

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