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Expect to see more blog entries around general chemistry and chemical technology topics. The technology aspect is not meant to be about new instrumentation and methods to mass produce quinine for the global marketplace, but instead will focus on how the modern internet, Web 2.0, is/will affecting Chemistry, or Chem 2.0 for short. Also, I am interested in getting some help with the blog, and I am currently looking for a co-blogger for the Chemical Forums Blog. If you are interested please have a look at this thread: So lets begin…

Relatively new startup Ning has made it ridiculously easy for the novice web user to create a fully functioning social network for any topic the user could be interested in. I went ahead and used their interface to make the following Chemistry social network. Image is shown below.

Their very easy to use and free interface allows you to create a site that has a Blog, Videos, Photos, Forum, Members List. If you already have a blog from an other blogging platform it is ridiculously easy to seamlessly integrate it into your Ning social network. To interact with the portal shown above goto and play around with it. One can imagine using this type of software to seamlessly create a community around an already established blog or for a professor to use it as his or hers group website or class website. Ning also accommodates the usual assortment of widgets and flash, but writing about integrating those kinds of bells-and-whistles is probably beyond the interest of this audience, so I’ll fortunately skip that. Go check it out!

Note 1: I have no intention on keeping that social network up to date, I only created it to mess around with it.
Note 2: Recently nailed the secret identity of ?*? of Carbon-Based Curiosities fame. I love sending a message to the anonymous blogger containing a picture of themselves. So which anonymous chem blogger is left to unravel?


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Chemical Forums Chat Room

Added a totally cool Chat feature to the website. Just look at the embedded chat client to your right. I’ll try to leave it on for the break so you can try it out and talk to me. Let me know what you think!!!

If you want to synch up with the chemicalforums chat client on your site, here is the embed tags:



height=500 width=155 wmode="transparent"/>

Note1: I’m using the tc.swf since it blends better with my colors, the stock beta will use incircles.swf
Note2: The room address should all be contained in this part of the code: c=99611f782aab2a2889ecf427821fbc52
Note3: You can download your own copy for your blogs from this link:


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Grad Student Time Waster Tip #1: Google Image Labeler

Google, being the rather intelligent company that it is, has found a very efficient way to take the burden off themselves for determining individual labels for each picture in their massive image database. Have you do it! Google accomplishes this in the form of a competitive game. Called the non exciting name, Google Image Labeler:

At the site, you will play a short 90 second game with someone that Google selects randomly. The point of the game is for the two of you to guess what the other one has typed in as the appropriate label for a randomly displayed image. Once you both guess the same label, a new image will be displayed. My best score is below, good luck trying to beat it.

Post your best results as a reply in out comments section. Smiley

Note 1: One of the images shown to me involved lesbian porn, so be a little weary of whose around when/where you play this game. Although, this only happened once.
Note 2: I’ll start collecting good time wasters and will put a link to a collection of them in the menu to the left titled: Grad Student Time Wasters


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ChemBlogs is live to the internet public

First, thanks to all the beta testers that helped trouble shoot the ChemBlogs software package for me. So if you haven’t already registered an account at go do it and blog away. We already have over 30 blogs there and more are always welcome. If you encounter a bug post it in the ChemBlogs forum. I’ll start writing useful tips at my blog there


Sorry webqc, I decided to go solo. Sad

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